Monday, 3 December 2018

L I M I T E D E D I T I O N S H O E S | Styled Outfits

I've done this little extra segment of stylings in the past for a few collections' accessories and I quite enjoy it^ It's nice to do some time after the release as it gives time to really have a think about pieces and how you want to work with them =) Today, shoes from our October release of LE!

Ecru Ankle Boots
Ok so I now realise that these boots will be perfection in spring and summer because I've styled them very light and airy and non-wintery! They look great with a white base and the pink and blues really stand out. I love ankle booties with skirts and dresses, they definitely look cute. Paired my eye-makeup with the pinks and I think it rounds off a feminine styling =)

Dark Blue Glitter Boots
Completely on the opposite end of the colour spectrum for the second look with the glittered booties - I knew I wanted to wear this glittery handbag with the boots, but didn't plan on making an all black styling! But the boots do stand out in it =) I think they will look good in the party season, with tights and fun skirts and dresses. The makeup matches the clothing, with a deep red for the liner and a dark shadow.

Fishnet Heels Boots
I don't think I've done the best job with this third pair of shoes - I think the jeans are too heavy for them, but I do still like the outfit. The clothing is pretty minimal to let the fishnet sockies stand out and I think that does work out and your attention is drawn to the interesting shape of the shoe. I like the tans paired with the black, and I love how brown shades of eye shadow work on my doll, the makeup look is super soft^

Armani Inspired BW Heels

And finally shoes which aren't boots! To me these heels have a little of a 20's vibe, so I tried to continue that in these retro-esque trousers - and for me it has to be black and white all the way with these cool heels! The design is fun and different and the cropped trousers are perfect to show that off. I like this wide open blazer, the velvet texture is nice with this style. I think the minimal idea works nicely for the shoes, and I kept super simple with the makeup as well - I'm looking forward to wearing these shoes again =D

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