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I N S P I R E D B Y P R A D A | Tribute Review

And here is our second Tribute of the season - it's Prada! This is our first time receiving a Prada Tribute, it's super fun getting something new to try out =) I love the advertising, it's stylish yet minimal and the pieces are clear, I love the colours - they're bold and current and make the advertisement stands out!
Highlights The store has 2 floors with 8 looks which is about average for a new Tribute these days. The interior has futuristic vibes, which is a little reflected in the clothing which I think works very nicely, and the bright colours really do catch your eye and draw your attention in all directions in the store.
Accessories There are a reasonable mix of accessories in the store, it's not just shoes and bags, there are extras too. I do quite like the shoes in this one, the Flame Patent Leather Wedge Sandals in Pink and Orange are super cool, they remind me of an older LE pair that we've had, but these bold colours make them stand out in the store. There are also some gold shoes, the Prada Inspired Decolette Pump, and while I typically love gold the style of these isn't so much for me - they have a rounded toe and tie at the ankle, which I don't think looks so good on my doll. Lastly some boots, which I quite like, the Prada Inspired Tronchetti Booties which are true winter chunky boots in a platform style. These are black laced with green and blue detailing. And then also the Prada Inspired Drawstring Booties which are super interesting, I love the idea and how it's worked out in Stardoll, they look good on the doll and I think will be a fun piece to style.
Not so many bags in the release, just 2 and both are orange based, but no complaints from me about that, I love adding orange to outfits! The Prada Inspired Bags are a set with a larger orange piece and smaller pink one, it's a style that I really love working with and I've done on my own, so a set together works out nicely for me. I also love the padded design element to these pieces. And secondly there is the Prada Inspired Saffiano Bag Robot, which is a structured piece with cute detailing. Then there are some extra pieces. The Prada Inspired Sunglasses seem to have gone down a hit, I've spotted so many people wearing these! They're a smaller style of lens with cool bar detailing across the top, they definitely stand out from other pairs. And there are socks, the Prada Inspired Socks in Orange and Black, socks have become a bit of a wardrobe staple, so these will no doubt be worn for many years to come - and they're pretty easy to include in outfits!
Clothing My first impressions of the collection is that it's quite based on dresses and skirted pieces, in fact not a single pair of trousers or shorts to be seen! There are 7 dresses in the store, with 3 of these being in the sheer category, the Prada Inspired Sleeveless Organza Dress in Teal and Black, and also the Prada Inspired Tulle Dress which is black with a fun bright embroidery design over it. These are great layering pieces, and the extra colours add a playful touch to them - I have seen so many amazing looks with all 3 of these already! So there are 4 'real' dresses, which can be worn as such, and these are pretty nice pieces in a range of styles - the Prada Inspired Tulle Printed Dress is a fun blue-based floral piece, I love neck and sleeve design of this and the midi length, it looks super classy on the doll, the Embellished Dress Ensemble is also floral, but on the pink theme with orange flowers, which I really quite like. It's also a midi piece, but made so by it's layered black tulle. Lastly there are 2 neon pieces, the Prada Inspired Turtleneck Dress in orange with a sporty vibe to it, and the Prada Inspired Neon Fringe Dress which is in a green, I love the idea and style of this one, but the green is just not for me, it's a pretty specific colour to pull off =)
Then there are a couple of co-ord sets to style. Firstly the Cropped Sleeved Jacket and Belted Wrap Skirt which are in a more minimal beige tone and style - these are pretty cute pieces and will work well separately too, I'm particularly drawn to the Jacket as I really like the flat neckline and the larger sleeves. Secondly there is the Prada Inspired Gathered Skirt which can be worn with either the Prada Inspired Strapless Top or the Prada Inspired Cropped Top, both of which are almost identical to each other, the Cropped Top has a little more structure to it and also the Prada logo triangle on the front. The skirt is super pretty, it's high waisted and knee length with a casual vibe to it. And lastly one of the best pieces in the collection in my opinion, the Prada Inspired Printed Coat - isn't it just so cool?! I love the oversized fit, and the black base with the flashes of colour is just perfect for the trends and styles I'm feeling right now. It's definitely a stand out piece for your wardrobe and I do think it has the potential for a lot of wear!
Prices This releases ranges from 12 to 35SD's - I do think in this one that the bags are pretty pricey, they're at the top end of the price range. Nothing is SS or Royalty only, the only time limit is that the store will probably only be around for approximately a month.
Styled Outfits I bought quite a few pieces from the store, and I really think I'll be back for a second round of purchases looking at the dresses! Firstly the Prada Inspired Tronchetti Booties, maybe an unusual choice for me, but I loved the green and blue sections on these even though the heel is super chunky. Those tones gave me my colour choices for the look, and these sheeny trousers are a great fit for the tone! In the second look I've used both the Prada Inspired Sunglasses and Prada Inspired Printed Coat, I did try a few different clothing items with this coat and found a few that I liked the look of, but ultimately chose these boots for their texture and colour. I kept the rest super simple but I love this teal Chanel bag as it's a great colour match for one of the flashes of colour on the coat. And finally using the Prada Inspired Bags and the Flame Patent Leather Wedge Sandals Orange, the pieces are perfect together, and this dress just came to the front of my wardrobe by chance and I just LOVE it! The dress is perfect with the larger of the bags, those colours are perfection. The pink of the smaller bag and the orange of the shoes are just the right contrasting pieces for the outfit. I really am so pleased with this combination, I don't want to take it off my doll^
Features And here are the features! I've shown a few in the daily features posts already as I found so many great looks but here are more =) First up is Evathia styling the Prada Inspired Printed Coat which I just love, and also the Prada Inspired Sunglasses. The coat is for sure a focal piece for a look so I love that it's been added to minimally with the black trousers and boots. The orange bag is small and the perfect pop of colour against the orange at the shoulder of the jacket^
Secondly we have DollaTella wearing the Cropped Sleeved Jacket which looks cute and matching with this skirt - I really like this pairing more than the original with the higher waist and more shapely cut, I think it works really well. The belting adds shape and detail and the white base along with sock pairings and shoes works well to make the look light and highlight the featured piece =)
In this look pilo7 makes great use of neon with the Prada Inspired Neon Fringe Dress, isn't it perfect with this paillette piece?! The bright green works with this mix of colours, it's unexpected but together the pieces work with an advantage. I like them layered with jeans, it makes the look a little more casual, and the blue accessories all look stunning!
Now there are 2 looks making use of the Prada Inspired Sleeveless Organza Dress in Teal, firstly TasminS who also uses the Prada Inspired Gathered Skirt and Flame Patent Leather Wedge Sandals Pink. I thought this was such a fun mix with colours and matching textures - the white blouse and yellow straps look to be very close to the skirt texture and the colours are a beautiful fit with the Prada. A really cute combination^
And also with the Prada Inspired Sleeveless Organza Dress in Teal, i-D. styling up with more green shades! The teal looks good with the green, these pieces are minimal yet fitting. The accessories are cool in this one, the black belting and the black strapped shoes are classic touches and I like the use of this new 'Champagne' bag =)
In this styling -Lady_Sweet- wears the Prada Inspired Sleeveless Organza Dress in Black along with the Prada Inspired Socks Black and Prada Inspired Drawstring Booties. The layering of these dresses is great, it makes both pieces much more wearable and they both look super smart. The accessorising is simple but very effective in this styling =D
And finally a styling from leiona_-, wearing the Prada Inspired Tulle Printed Dress and Prada Inspired Socks Black. The florals on the dress look great with the blacks of the jacket and the socks. I love the accessory choices, the blue heels are a good contrast to the black but work perfectly with the dress print and again the pop of orange stands out very nicely - a great casual way to wear these pieces!

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