Friday, 21 December 2018

L I M I T E D E D I T I O N | Styled Outfits

Finally today posting my Styled Outfits from our latest LE wintery release! I had fun working with these pieces and I look forward to wearing them more throughout this season =D While some of the pieces are super special and are absolutely standout in looks, a lot of these pieces were very versatile and easy to wear in many styles, which I love^
First up the Fendi Inspired Knitwear, which is so minimal yet beautiful. I found this easy to style up and I love it with these matches navy trousers. The white accents really make the outfit pop and catch peoples attention - plus this cosy coat makes it winter ready! Secondly the Fendi Inspired Wrap Bag, which is a super cute piece, I really like it. I styled it up with matching colours, blacks and browns and I think they work well together in this instance. I can see I'd wear this piece in a lot of similar looks, so I'll need to think more creatively to style it up differently =)
Next up a pairing of shoes - the Leather Trimmed Satin Mules in Black and Pink! I adore these shoes so much =D First up in Black, I love the brown leather straps, so I used this for inspiration in the styling, I think it works very well with these trousers =) They stand out with the slight crop of the trousers and the shorter length of the coat, I'm super happy with this styling, it's minimal yet the shoes still stand out. Then the shoes in Pink, which are just super special^ The outfit completely uses the pink and gold tones, and I just love it so much, this skirt is a great fit for it! The style is perfect with the shoes and it's a combination I look forward to repeating!
And the two final looks featuring 3 pieces. Firstly the Silver Leather Boots, which I love layered with these cropped culottes, against all the black clothing the boots stand out perfectly! There is a snake-print design on the boots, so they work well with this almost matching bag, I think they work out well with the minimal clothing in the styling - I'll for sure be wearing this again. Then secondly the Multicolour Fabric Ankle Boots paired with the Fendi Inspired Checked Skirt - these were made for each other^ There are so many other burgundy pieces that I was torn over what to choose as the red really stands out in the side pleating on the skirt. I like this vest, but for winter it really needs to be layered - I'm not sure this is my favourite combination, but it works ok. Adore this bag with the checked pieces though, it gets bonus points^

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