Sunday, 16 December 2018

E P I P H A N Y | Release Review

And we recently got some new jewellery to style up this winter season - a new floor of Epiphany! Jewellery releases aren't often, so I find it fun to check out new pieces to try! The advertising is very nice, the models are minimal and showing off the pieces, and I love the sparkling background =D
Highlights The release has one floor of pieces, which is the usual size for the store - it's got a range of choices and a couple of different styles, I think most people will find something they like in this collection. After making my purchases of the pieces, I've discovered that these pieces come in Beauty Parlor and Suite versions of the pieces, which is amazing! I wish I'd known before buying - that gets huge bonus points from me =D
Jewellery Of course, this release is just jewellery! There are a fair mix of earrings, necklaces and bracelets on offer. I don't really use bracelets at all, but more recently I've seen them feature in a couple of looks - from this release the Chain Charm Bracelets are a super sweet set, very intricate and delicate pieces. The necklaces in this release aren't so much my style, but I do like them both to look at - the Chain Leather Necklace has a classic look with the gold metal and black leather, while the Maxi Stone Necklace is a little quirkier with the different stones, but still looks good on the gold chain. I simply adore the earrings in this release though, they're all so great! In this release 2 pairs come as pairs, i.e you can't wear just one of them, and the second 2 pairs come as separate earrings - there is no real price difference, buying 2 individual ones costs the same as 1 complete pair, which is good^ I am naturally attracted to gold - so for me it's all about the funky Eye Earrings and the Square Brooch Earrings. The Eye pair are pretty delicate with thin metal used in the design, I love how they look on the doll, very elegant, and I think they will be good layering pieces. The Square pair look super similar to a StarDesign pair I styled recently, but these ones are a little smaller. I like the chunky gold style, I think it does a good job at standing out in a styling, and they don't overwhelm with their size at all. The Teardrop Earrings are quite a festive piece in a shiny red colour, I like the classic design of them - they look super fancy, and I love how they look on my doll too^ And lastly the Contrasting Earrings which are super fun in a mixed print - they're quite chunky, with the top section in a leopard/tortoiseshell style and the bottom in a bold orange, the combination really does work and they look super fun! These will be great in the summer time I think, so I can't wait to wear them then^
Prices The release ranges from 6 to 24SD's, with most pieces quite nicely in the middle of the range. Nothing is SS or Royalty limited, and there is an option in SC's too^
Styled Outfits Styling up two of the pairs of earrings today with an outfit and a beauty styling - first up the Eye Earrings, which I've styled pretty minimally to let the design have a little focus. I struggle with seeing it clearly against this hair colour, but they will work for others better^ I like gold with the brown tones, I think that works well in both the clothing and in the makeup, this light smokey eye with the firm cateye liner is such a cute look! I like the little touch of gold in the belt to tie into the focus piece, I'm really happy with this outfit. And something a little more glamorous for the Square Brooch Earrings, this pretty velvet yellow dress - a great match for the gold! the makeup look is softer in this styling, with less liner and more focus on shadow and using an orange tone in there, I really like this look actually and I will definitely be combining these eye shadows again!
Features And a quick feature, lollapalooxa wearing the Square Brooch Earrings in this cute glamorous styling. I loved the beret and shorter hairstyle really highlighting the jewellery choice in the styling The look is minimal, which works nicely for the earrings, but I love the Louis Vuitton monogramming on the jacket, it's a nice touch and looks good!

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