Wednesday, 19 December 2018

S W E E T S U I T E S | Release Review

A little late, but we got new Sweet Suites recently! This is a super cute release, and usually has some great additions we can add to our decor^ The advertising looks good and I think it shows off the style of the release well =)
Highlights This release is the usual one floor release of Sweet Suites, and I really like it! The interior has a great view, it's not quite winter based, but it looks a crisp sunny day^ It covers most aspects of decor, with a range of styles of pieces to choose from, I think it's a pretty good one =)
Furniture There are the usual large furniture pieces with the focus on the Hermes Inspired Leather Sofa and Sofa Side which are in the centre of the room - of course the SweetSuites Fireplace rounds out the little area in the middle, but being side-on maybe limits the styling of it a little. There is also a table, the Wooden Coffee Table, which looks rustic and great with the wooden flat and the black leg design, it looks very current.
Decor I don't feel like there are as many small decor pieces in this release as there have been in others. There is just one textile, the Romb Grey Rug, which is quite nice, I think it will work with a range of room styles and colour bases by it being minimal and grey. There is a little nature with the Paprat Plant and the Cactus Plant, these suit the store and interior very well =) I simply adore the Stools Beige and Yellow, I think these are super cool pieces and look fabulous, the velvet has a great sheen to it and they are attractive in the suite too^ Of the rest of the pieces I very much like the Elephant Sculpture, even though it doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the store, it's pretty cute, and also the Side Dish Plate - while I've no idea how I'd use it, I love the natural stonewear style and the colour is beautiful.
Prices The prices of this release range from 4 to 38SD's, with really only the interior breaching the 20SD price mark. Nothing is in SC, and nothing is SS or Royalty limited.
Styled Suite I bought the interior after a little deliberation as I didn't really have somewhere to put it, but I made room! So far I'm keeping it minimal with additions because I love the view it adds to my suite, but there are great choices, particularly in the Beige and Yellow Stools, those look fab, and also with the planting of the Paprat Plant =)
Features And a feature to share too, leiona_- mixing some of the fun new pieces into a previous Sweet Suites interior^ The Hermes Inspired Leather Sofa and Side Sofa look great against the brickwork, and they suit the rest of the furniture pieces very well. Also love the Side Tray Table tucked in with the plants on the left side, it looks super =D

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