Wednesday, 5 December 2018

V O I L E | Release Review

A brand new VOILE release for the party season! It's always fun to have new party pieces to get glammed up in and now is your chance for something new =) The advertising looks pretty special so I'm excited to check out the whole release!
Highlights There are two floors full of party-wear with a focus on elegant gowns and dark pinky-purple tones. I really quite like it, I think the floors flow well together and think there are good choices to be had for a range of styles =)
Accessories While there is not a huge range of accessories, I do think what there is is pretty good, those shoes are stunning! There is just one style of shoe, the Satin Pumps Gold Heel, but they come in 4 colour choices, Black, Navy, Beige and Blue - they cover all bases for fancy looks and are a sleek and elegant design, I love it. Of course I couldn't resist and bought every colour, oops^ It's a little disappointing that there are only belts additionally in the category, I think some bags and jewellery would have fitted this release well. The belts are still good though, and there are 4 of them. Firstly a matched pair, the Double Leather Belt in Blue and Black, to match your shoe colours - the double design will be popular I think, and it's one that I like the look of =) Then there is the Buckle Leather Belt which has a thick design and is a little more edgy - I think this one will be good at layering over outerwear. And finally the extravagant Flower Ellie Belt which is a chiffon floral piece, it definitely stands out and will bring something special to any look it's styled in^ 
Clothing And now the main show, the clothing! It is mostly dresses that are in the store, with 8 to choose from in a range of styles, designs and colours. 5 of these are in the gown-style, and while they are truly beautiful pieces, they're ones I know I won't wear very often. So while I don't plan to make any purchases from these, I think the Stripe Pink Ellie Gown is super feminine and pretty, the stripes are unique and the material is light and floaty, the Sequin Flower Dress Dark Blue is an elegant twist to black, I love the structure to the upper half, the long slit in the leg and the delicate chiffon shoulder detail, and lastly the Satin Elie Top Purple and Skirt while a set looks amazing as a dress, the satin looks beautiful and I love the folds and shaping of the pieces. If gowns aren't your thing, there's a few other dress choices - the Multicolour Pearls Dress is a maxi long sleeved piece in a pretty pink tone with a coloured dotted design. I love the fit of this one^ Then there is the Sweater Stone Dress, a more midi length style in black, this one has great fringing along the hem and cool sequin detailing - this is a great winter one, and I think it's got some wearability about it! And finally the Multicoloured Satin Dress which comes paired with the Multicoloured Satin Coat which are in a brushed purple tone with great colourful, floral, sparkling details which are focused on the top half of the pieces.  The dress is a mini strapless style, and I think these pieces will look good separate too, especially the Coat, I'm excited to see this styled in many looks! And lastly two co-ords to mention, I love the look of both of them - the Pom Pom Jacket and Light Blue Trousers which are in a sweet periwinkle shade. The Trousers are slim fitting and the Jacket has a unique design with cutout shoulders and a pom pom trim. Then there is the Lace Flower Blazer and Satin High Raise Trousers which are themed on violet - the colour is fantastic and these Trousers look particularly awesome, I think they'll make some fab outfits =D
Prices This release ranges from 12 to 38SD's, and none of the pieces are limited to SS or Royalty. I think this is pretty good for the styles and types of pieces that are available.
Features And now the features! It seems this release has gone down pretty well. First up we have *starrr* wearing the Beige Satin Pumps Gold Heel looking amazing paired with snakeprint. The colours are a perfect match together and I can see this will be a popular combination^ I love the white feathered to, it adds such a lightness to the print, and the jewellery looks great being delicate, super sweet and feminine!
A little more rock-chick in the second feature, hopesolobeauty styling the Satin Elie Top Purple in this very cool look! I love the layering of the purple pieces and they've really been made into winterwear with the black base of the polo. The yellow trousers look pretty great, but it's totally the cool shoe combination that got me - I love these DIY sock-boots, such a great idea!
Mia1435 goes for the Multicoloured Satin Coat and Multicoloured Satin Dress in this styling - super elegant and pretty! The accessories really add to these pieces, the shoes are a great fit with the green on the dress and the lilac fuzzy bag is the cutest piece. The earrings are glamorous and draw attention to the amazing eye makeup look =)
And our final feature, SansSommeill. choosing the voluminous Valentino Inspired Oversized Coat - it does amazingly on it's own! The boots are a fun choice, the jewels draw attention to the hemline, while the open neck brings attention to the 'YSL' brooch and the feathered earrings along with the fabulous makeup look^

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