Monday, 17 December 2018

P A L S | Styled Outfits

I'm not a big fan of PALS really - in the sense that I don't want another 'doll' as such, in my suite. They work well for some, but I just don't like them, however on the odd occasion there are some great extras released in the store! This time around I found some great clothing to be had, which I'm very pleased about, the pieces are very 'me'!
First up some shoes - these are the Gold Pumps which are very much what they say on the tin, a great pair of golden heels, you all know me and gold, I just can't help buying it! These have a classic shape and they look great on the doll. The gold has some sheen and some matte, a nice combination which helps them stand out. I styled them minimally, and the crop of the trousers lets them stand out in the styling. Secondly the Brown Boots which are a fantastic addition to our boot collection in the Plaza! The colour of these is great, the perfect espresso-colour for boots, and it's a versatile one for outfits too, while I'm using light browns and beiges in this look that I love so much, I think these will look good with blacks and darker shades too^
And then I made two stylings with the Burgundy Trousers which are just great, what more could I ask for an autumn/winter pair of trousers?! The colour and the fit are perfect! These went with both pairs of these cool shoes too, which I love, so I based my looks on these. The first look is much smarter, and the trousers look darker with the brown leather coat, then with the pink they seem lighter, and I love the gold strapping on the shoes matching with the belt. I love pink and red together so that was a natural choice for me =D

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