Monday, 27 August 2018

L O U I S V U I T T O N B A G S | Styled Outfits

Our recent Louis Vuitton release featured numerous bags, which I then purchased despite not needing any more bags, and after doing a styling post dedicated to LE bags last month, I decided to do a similar thing for these pieces! These were fun to work with, but I think I need to work on versatility as I found myself heading for the 'usual' pieces when putting together the stylings^

This bag is all about the monogramming, so for me it had to be the standout feature in the look which is why I've styled it all up in white - the pieces are not boring though, the pleat in the trousers is super smart and I love the feminine details on this blouse, I think they're a good combination for this bag. I also paired it with it's twin bag from a recent LE release and I like them together^ For the makeup I stayed quite light, but took inspiration from the bag colouring in the browns with the darker smokey tones close to the eye and the mascara is light and lifting.

Another all-brown piece, and I've gone more along the lines of the browns in the clothing choice - I started with the overcoat because I think it matches well to the dark base on the flap of the bag and I liked the feeling of the loose and more shapeless clothing pieces paired with this smart bag - it's a delicate piece and the clothing adds a nice contrast to that. The gold chain played into the accessories, I really like the necklace and the thin strapped sandals I think they work well here. For makeup a darker take on the browns and this time a volume mascara on the lower lashes which is a look I really like^

And finally a little more colour, really, just a little! The pink tone on this bag I found surprisingly tricky to work with as it doesn't quite match most of the pinks that I have, luckily I think it works well with this dusted tone! I tried so many shirts on with this piece before settling for this one, it's not quite white so I think that's what attracted me to it, and the accessories are minimal with the gold belt standing out and pairing with the hardwear on the bag. And pink in the makeup too! I love these deep tones paired with a nude liner, it definitely stands out and also looks extra dramatic without mascara on =D

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