Saturday, 25 August 2018

A Little Bit Country

No rock 'n' roll at all. (Osmond jokes...a niche speciality) 

This look is a change of pace from the sophisticate-about-town-ish styles I've tried so far, although I don't seem to be able to stop wearing maxi dresses. They're just so comfy and dramatic.

This one is all about appreciating the nature of things so I've gone for lots of natural textures - cotton, wicker etc and this muted blue (another theme of this holiday) is very cottage-y romantic to me in this context. Perhaps I'm veering off a bit into costume here, but I like to think that the choker helps to pull it back to the now. 

If this was real life, what you wouldn't be able to see would be the wreckage of a decimated picnic that I'd just devoured...

Ingredients | You Will Need
Blue Maxi Dress | Trails
Off White Inspired Ruffle Top | Inspired by Off-White Tribute 
Floral Straw Hat | Callie's Picks
Velvet Diamond Choker | Young Hollywood
Straw Clutch | Wild Candy
HotBuys Daisy Sunglasses | Bonjour Bizou
White Spring Sandals | Pretty 'n' Love

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