Friday, 31 August 2018

A U G U S T 2018 | Hotbuys Review

And here we are at the end of August with another fabulous set of Hotbuys! There's a lot of Gucci going on this month which I find fun and I really am loving this choice. I especially am liking the glimpses of red spread throughout the pieces, it really ties things together nicely - and I'm somewhat glad there is no swimwear included =D

Gucci Inspired T Shirt - Where do I even begin with how great this tee is?! It's such a cute piece and a current one, therefore great to have included with this months HB's! The fit is really nice, it's folded at the hem and is slightly cropped, and I really like the larger and longer sleeves, they looks great. The colour is cream and I think it's perfect for the season right now =) Bizou 19SD's
Swarovski Inspired Earrings - I think these look like pretty cute earrings, hoops are my favourite style and these ones are unique in their design. From afar it looks like eye detailing at the top, some writing within the hoop and a lip print on the bottom, I didn't realise until zooming in super close that they say 'Bite Me' which I'm not such a fan of, but it's so small that it's not something I'll notice when wearing them. The colours look good though, they definitely pop and I think these will work nicely in many looks^ Velvet Orchid 14SD's
Gucci Inspired Ophidia Bag - Our first bag of this month, a cross body piece with a fantastic texture to the body of the piece, I really love that! The colours are very cute, I adore the cream, denim and red combination, and the gold zips are such great detailing =) It's just such a sweet piece, and has a great overall size and design, I'm excited about this one! Fallen Angel 24SD's
Cut-out Skirt - A midi skirt! And a red one at that, I think it's pretty perfect for autumnal stylings and it's definitely a unique piece with the cutout over the thigh - it definitely stands out. I like the fit, I think it looks good on the doll, and the cutout works very nicely. I've not seen too many people style it, but I think maybe it just needs a little time - I like it at least! It Girls 22SD's
Balenciaga Inspired Boots - Our first pair of shoes, versatile black booties - they're pretty good and tick the boxes! These look like such a classic piece, I think very good for winter based stylings. The pointed toe is appealing, as is the sock-boot style, but maybe they could be a little taller. I spent a while styling these up, and did find the height a little restricting - still a good pair of boots though =D Velvet Orchid 18SD's
Gucci Inspired Sunglasses - These are very cool sunglasses, I love the red ombre down the lens and the round style, it's a bit of a classic. The frames are super cool and typical Gucci in green with a red mid-portion. I also like the delicate metal-work across the top of the lenses, I think it looks good and they're a pretty cool piece^ RIO 16SD's
Embroidered Cotton Blouse - Such a cute blouse, I really like this piece! It's cream, so not the typical white-collared shirt that is probably in place in your wardrobe. It's not a tight fit, and it's got a slight crop to it, so will look good with high-waisted pieces. I love the coloured bow design at the neck, I think it looks cute, although I'm sure there are people who'd prefer the piece without. Bizou 23SD's
Gucci Inspired Jogging Pants - I have to say this is the first HB this month that I've not been so fond of - jogging bottoms are just not my thing! I don't mind the colour of the printing on the piece, it's just the overall idea of the jogging style. I still think they'll be hugely popular though! It Girls 23SD's
Eclipse Sneakers - I'm a little on the fence about these shoes, I think they could look great in a range of stylings and I really like the colour combinations on them, especially the nude/pink tone, but I just find they look quite bulky and large on my doll. So I'm still a little unsure whether or not to get these! Original Future 19SD's
Gucci Inspired Bow Bag - And the final piece, although it was only brought out yesterday, I really like this one already, ending on a high this month! I love the tricolour ribbon handle and bow, it looks classic and it works well with the tones of the rest of the piece. I love the green over the top flap ad the gold detailing definitely stands out. I'm super excited to style this one up =) Pretty 'N Love 25SD's


Everyone's all about the Gucci Inspired T Shirt, I've already posted some other features with it and I've already styled it up for 1 Piece 1 Week myself! This look from LyVio is no exception to the other cool styles I've featured^ I adore the use of the orange tones in the bottom of the look, the glittery jumpsuit and the tulle skirt are great together and are fab tones against this tee. Completely loving the red accessories, this belt bag is perfection for the tee =D

Next up millaxx wears the Gucci Inspired Ophidia Bag in this cool navy and denim look, I really love it for the simplicity yet obvious chic-ness^ The denim panels on the bag work beautifully with these jeans, the white shirt with the cream panel and the red truly pops out with the sunglasses, minimal yet effective =D

More red pops in our third look, bottega wearing the very cool Cut-out Skirt! I think it looks so cute and also very wearable in this styling, especially with this denim jacket, the colours are great together! The other reds are also pretty great, I think this is a fantastic look for these shoes, they definitely look appealing to me now =)

And the final feature, MissGucciIcon. styling up the Gucci Inspired Jogging Pants, and while this look is super cool and very nice, these trousers are still not for me^ I like the overall beige/brown feel to the look, it works really well, and I really love the Gucci socks on the feet too, as well as paired with these checkered heels, that works very well!


For my stylings I went for the pieces that weren't in the features, and I think I really love this set of looks, they work together pretty well! Firstly the Embroidered Cotton Blouse which I styled up in a very expected way with these high-waisted burgundy trousers, but I love the overall look, it's exactly how I'd wear this blouse in RL^ I think the tan accessories work really nicely with this blouse as well, which I'm super excited about as I never wear tan accessories enough given how many I own^ Secondly the Balenciaga Inspired Boots, which I did find a little tricky, because the BB logo always looked too glam for the more casual pieces I tried out, hence the un-casual and very sparkly dress, but it works! This is the perfect show-off outfit, and I think will be great in the party-season of December^ And finally the Swarovski Inspired Earrings which maybe blend into my hairstyle a little, but you can still see the pop of red and that's the direction I took. Again these never looked quite right with my more casual pieces that I tried, so this ended up with a red glamorous maxi^ Not sure it's my favourite look, but I think it works for the piece for sure!

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