Sunday, 19 August 2018

R I O | Release Review

A perfect summer release for the end of summer - new RIO! Always fun printing and colours in RIO so this should be similar going by the cool dress in the advertising, it looks spot on for summer, so lets see if it lives up to that expectation =)
Highlights This is the usual one floor release with a few rails of clothing and a row of accessories - it fits with my expectations of colours and prints and provides a good mix of styles across the pieces!
Accessories I am so in love this this collection of accessories, all of the pieces are so great and completely in line with current styles and trends, this is so perfect^ Two pairs of shoes, both sandal styles, the Nude Vinyl Heels which are perspex in the strapping and the heel itself and then the Woven Leather Sandals which I am just loving so much in the tan colour with the cool strapping across the foot. The heel heights are good and I've worn each of these a few times already^ There are also two bags which are fairly similar in style by both being handheld and black. The Beaded Mini Bag has such a great texture, it's a little hard to see but I think in outfits it really pops out, and then the Woven Straw Tote which is a darker take on the typical woven bags making it stand out - and it has pretty gold detailing^ To add to that gold is the Mixed Necklace which is super cool, I love the layered styling all in one so I don't even have to think about which necklaces to layer up. These are delicate and I think they look great on the doll. And lastly, the super cool Cats Eyes Sunnies - which make everyone look awesome! They have a great narrow style with a wide angle on the edge of the frame, plus the colours are very nice, nothing like we have already^
Clothing I do find the accessories much better than the clothing with this release, but there are a few cool pieces to be had! There are quite a few co-ord sets in a range of colours, but they do seem to be more feminine than design in RIO have been in the past. The Cropped Blazer and Tailored Belted Shorts are very cool in baby blue, I like the idea of the pair, but they don't look so good on my doll together. What does work much better for me is the RIO Ruffle Cropped Top and Skirt which are in a pale pink which is almost nude - the designs are interesting, the ruffles look great and add such a fun touch, plus I think the Skirt in particular will look fab on it's own in other stylings! The RIO Ruffle Mini Dress stands out with it's bold colour and print, but I find the overall design looks quite big on the doll, I'm not sure if that's aided along by the print too, but it doesn't look quite right on, although I like the idea of it. I also like the look of the Striped Buttoned Top with it's cute off-one-shoulder strap and colours however I know from experience that I don't get a lot of wear out of bustier-style pieces like this so I'm not so sure I'll get it!
Prices This release goes from 13 to 25SD's with not many pieces over the 20SD mark which I think is fine - although even just purchasing the accessories my total was quite high! Nothing is SS or Royalty only which is also good.
Styled Outfits Now my outfits which I had fun with despite wearing a lot of black, oops^ First up the Woven Leather Sandals styled with golden tones which are my favourite with this shade of tan, I like the summeriness to this look in comparison to the other stylings next to it^ These sandals looked good with a lot of pieces, dresses and skirts and jeans and trousers so I think these will be a valuable addition to my wardrobe. Secondly the Nude Vinyl Heels with the Beaded Mini Bag styled with black and this black and white top which I thought would be good for the shoes - I think it works but it's not the best styling for them. Love the bag with these trousers though, it's super versatile and works with smart or casual. And lastly the Woven Straw Tote with more black - the shading and highlighting on this bag really makes it pop against the trousers though! I love these shoes with the bag too, the black and gold pair amazingly together and I love it =D
Features Just a couple of features - I don't think this release was too popular, but these two certainly look great in the pieces! Caah_contel wears both the RIO Ruffle Cropped Top and Skirt paired with the Nude Vinyl Heels. I really love this belt draped around the hips over the skirt, it suits the style of the pieces perfectly. While simple, I think this styling is effective and the beauty look also shines through especially with the highlighting^ The earrings also stand out to me, it's the little things for sure^
Miver also makes use of the RIO Ruffle Skirt this time without it's top pair, but I think it works very nicely individually^ This off-shoulder top has a little ruffling which pairs well with the skirting, I love the glitter on the straps added beneath, and the darker accessories stand out greatly - love the complete contrast of the dark belt and deep purple bag, they look awesome and totally unexpected!

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