Wednesday, 8 August 2018

L I M I T E D E D I T I O N | Release Review

Although it wasn't a surprise because we got a warning of it a few days before, this new LE release comes only a month after the last one - which is a little unusual! So another LE release although a much smaller one than usual - the advertising looks pretty good, I really like the greenery and natural vibe to it^
Highlights Just a one floor release, and a small one at that, with 3 looks for the guys and 5 for the girls - this was a fast collection, I must have checked it out no more than 5 minutes after the release and the majority of pieces had gone, which is crazy! Some items only had 200 pieces in total, which is a small number considering the number of members. The interior is great though, it looks amazing!
Accessories There are two standout pieces in this section, the Off White Inspired Ankle Boots which are pointed and have a kitten heel and come in a fabulous tan colour, and I love the little green tie around the ankle. And also the Suede Tote Bag in a pretty pink and green combination which is perfect - I like the handheld style and the design of the bag is super pretty in a pouch style. The belts went super quickly, both the Loafer Gray Belt and Loafer Cargo Belt - I think both pieces work best when paired with their respective matching trousers^
Clothing The clothing is in a pretty specific style, there's not too much room for versatility - it didn't sell out quite as fast as the accessories, but still within 10-15 minutes many pieces were gone. I really quite like the dresses actually, which were the pieces I ended up being able to buy. The Embellished Shirtdress Yellow is a very casual-designer style, with a loose fit all over, rolled sleeves and a cool gathered waist styling. The colour is beautiful and I like the metallic splashes on the skirting. Both the Off White Inspired Satin Dress and Off White Inspired Lace Dress have the same bodycon fit and corset design - the Satin is in such a pretty dusted pink colour and I love the shoulder design, it's super cool and flattering, while the Lace is in a pretty green, with sheer skirting and sleeves, it's definitely a stand out piece! The Oversized High Waisted Trousers and Loafer Cargo Trousers are to match the previously mentioned belts, they're both loose fitting wide legged cropped pieces, and the design is quite nice, just maybe not quite what I'd expect from LE though. And the final piece, which doesn't seem to entirely fit with the rest of the release, but maybe that's just me, the Marant Inspired Cropped Blouse which is a floral piece with a sweet ruffled trimming, I really like this piece! It's pretty cute and I think will make some very nice spring and summer stylings =)
Prices This release ranges from 39 to 185SD's, the pieces were limited to SS and Royalty members only as with all other LE releases - although you would have had to have been there within seconds of the release to get everything as pieces were limited to just a few hundred.
Styled Outfits So by the time I got to the store most pieces were sold out, but luckily I picked up a few things - they certainly didn't come cheap, but I'm quite happy with them in the end. First up the Off White Inspired Satin Dress which does look great on it's own, but maybe makes for a boring styling post! I paired it up with this neutral coat and chose matching accessories - it goes pretty well with most pairs of heels in this colour range. Secondly the Embellished Shirtdress Yellow which again could have been worn alone, but I've layered it up to make it even more casual. I did struggle to find a great bag to work with this one, so I need some tips or advice on that for sure! And finally the Marant Inspired Cropped Blouse which I'm loving so much! Paired it up with smart trousers and peachy-keen accessories - the colours on the blouse give a lot of opportunities for choice in accessories, the peach was what stood out to me most and I'm really loving the final styling =D
Features Just a few features today. Firstly Mh91 wearing the Oversized High Waisted TrousersLoafer Gray Belt and Off White Inspired Ankle Boots - I really like the colour pairing of the Trousers and Belt with this denim jacket, they look good together. I'm also liking the style contrast with the addition of the very glamorous chain bag, I think it fits in well and makes the look extra eye-catching!
And secondly RiManiKordenty wearing the Embellished Shirtdress Yellow and being very cool by wearing sparkles all over the sleeves of the gloves and the legs and shoes, so cool! There wasn't much I could do to top this one really! I like the addition of the LV bag, I think it looks great and fits in well with the styling overall =)

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