Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Y O U N G H O L L Y W O O D | Release Review

And finally writing about our latest Young Hollywood release from a few weeks ago! We knew this one would be coming, and think most people guessed it would be based on the Teen Choice Awards - I don't really keep up with the events to know what was worn, but from the pink in the advertising I'd say 'good things'!
Highlights This is the typical one floor release for Young Hollywood and contains the same number of looks as the previous Teen Choice release, which was actually the last time I did a full review of a Young Hollywood store! There's also a male look this time, but if you don't like pink then there's not much to go with!
Accessories It feels a little silly having an accessories section when there are only two pairs of shoes to talk about! There were no bags or extra pieces in this release, I do think it might benefit from some jewellery^ I do like the shoes, the Cami Heels are a neutral pink strapped sandal with a super thin, almost kitten-height heel. I can see these being very easy to wear and will work with a lot of styles and colours. Then there are the Madeleine Platforms, a black velvety pair of strapped platforms - I'm not the biggest fan of platform shoes, but these have a nice design and look good on, so I'd say if you were going to buy some, these are a nice choice to go for!
Clothing And the selection of clothing! There are 5 looks, 4 of which are co-ord sets and the 5th is a dress - which I'll start with. I'm not so much a fan of the Cami Dress, in fact there are still quite a few pieces of it left in the Plaza. I think it's the overall fit of the piece, it doesn't seem too flattering on the doll with the wideset straps on the shoulders, and overall it makes the doll look a lot wider and bigger than she actually is. I do like the colour, and the idea of the piece, but it's just not looking quite right as it is. The rest of the pieces in this store however, I do quite like and I do think have been made in a much better way =)

The designs are split evenly between skirts and trousers. The Hanna Top and Skirt are a cute mini-skirt set in white with a detailed fan-design covering both pieces - of which there are still some left in the Plaza! I like the fit of these items, the skirt has a nice small slit on the leg and the top has a great shoulder shape and sleeve length. The Lucy Top and Skirt are the second skirt set, and are much more detailed being covered in a bright floral design (and these are still in the Plaza too^). I like that the skirt is a midi length, which will definitely appeal to some people and I think it's got quite a unique shape. I am more drawn to the Skirt over the Top, so I'm definitely up for styling it individually and not just as a set. But I do love the sets of the trousers, both pieces, together or separately, I just love these items in the store! First up the Maddie Top and Pants which are in the striped, first off I love wearing stripes, and they're also red, what's not to love?! While the bralette style Top isn't usually my thing, I thought I'd give it a go anyway and because it's a perfect piece to wear with the perfect pair of loose fitting Pants that match it! These have such a great fit and I just love them so much on my doll! And I do also love the second set on my doll, the Madeleine Top and Pants - these have such a great fit on the doll, they just look fantastic! And of course they're in a delicate floral on a pale base, they just have me written all over them^ This Top is super cute in particular, I just love the lace and cotton mix and the lace design and the sweet bow, so cute and something just a little enough different for me =D
Prices As this is Young Hollywood, it was a limited release in terms of number, but there are still several items remaining in stock and nothing is SS limited. The prices vary from 50 to 130SD's but most pieces are below 90SD's.
Styled Outfits I had a great time wearing these pieces, and I think they're also pretty good Spring/Summer items so I look forward to next year with them as well =D Firstly the Lucy Skirt, styled ready for autumn in this heavy coat^ It was unintentional, but with the black base to the floral print, it was going to be a given. Love these emerald heels with the skirt though, really lets those greens come through =D Second the Madeleine Top and Pants set, which I didn't mean to style so minimally or just with heels, but can we not agree how great these items are alone?! I liked that these heels were minimal but had a small interesting design so it wasn't too plain - but I have tried the Pants out in other outfits and I find they look great with many things! And finally the Maddie Pants, styled up with all the reds! I'm just so pleased with how these trousers look on the doll, they are pretty versatile too, and I think these will be great through the autumn and winter paired with long sleeved tops like this one, and some fabulous outerwear =)

Features And finishing off with a few features^ First up Mabepa wears the Madeleine Pants individually and they look fantastic! The colour is perfect with this silky sheeny lightweight jacket, the styles look great together. The lace top adds somewhat of a hidden detail but I like it. What I love are the accessories, the darker nude tones look amazing with the floral print, these heels in particular look awesome!
And secondly tlen wears the Maddie Pants also on their own but looking very nice with this folded over silk cream blouse, it's very smart with them! I also like the loose fit of it with the loose fit of the trousers rather than going for a tight piece. The earrings a the perfect accessory and pair well with the colouring of the trousers, completely spot on^

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