Monday, 20 August 2018

Review: The EDIT Magazine

A new magazine! Well a new issue of a magazine - The Edit is on it's third release and takes the form of a traditional magazine. The cover is attractive and works well for a summer issue - the styling is nice, I like a white shirt, and strapped sandals and yellow, I think it ticks all the boxes, for me at least! I'm not so sure on the effectiveness of the added text, of course, the magazine name, month, issue and the covergirl text is important, but I don't think the text on the right adds anything. Text can be quite hit or miss - sometimes less is more and go without! There are a few advertising pages near the start, for me I would have omitted these, I think they take away from the work on the main body of the magazine and adds something that's boring to it.
I really liked the fashion editorials, the graphics are good and a range of styles was selected, but I didn't feel anything for the text, in fact I think that it's partly down to the font, it seems a little boring ... forgettable. I really didn't read any of the text that came alongside the fashion pages - I'm someone who'd prefer more picks of the clothes with flashes of text, being more visual is super important with Stardoll Magazines I think - but maybe that's just me!
I think the covergirl interview would have benefitted from being earlier in the magazine, that is one piece I did read, but again the text didn't really help it along and I think these pages would benefit from more creativity in the layout - the covergirl shoot really saves this segment because the graphics look great and I really liked them and their styling.
The beauty segment looks great, I really liked the styling of these pages - they have the creativity factor I look for^ The colours are bold and hold your attention and I think these two models are perfect choices for this section.
I think it's nice to have the 'Tributes' and 'Decor' section, but they do come across as last minute additions - for example in mentioning Tributes, some stylings or even a top pick from each one would have made them interesting pages with some more depth to the content. Again with this one it's sometimes good with the 'less can be more' philosophy.

It's great that there is still interest in Stardoll Magazines - it's not something that's easy to produce, so I seriously applaud all the hard work that has gone into the production of this new issue!

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  1. I really like this magazine! It's very simple, and I am glad they brought in Rozalia! She is an amazing artist! Cannot wait for more issues! :)