Tuesday, 28 August 2018

The Home Stretch

And here we are - the last of my scheduled holiday posts. I am returning to the comfort of my own home as we speak. Once this one's over, I can finally start being relevant again. 

This look has been built on the important characteristics of a successful travelling outfit.:

1) Comfy shoes that you can slip on and off, especially if you're flying
2) Layers should you get cold - this shawl is all-encompassing enough that it's probably suitable for an Olsen twin
3) A practical bag for all your papers and passes
4) A large brimmed hat so that no one has to look at you while you take all the free stuff you can get your hands on. A large pair of shades, while cliched (ha) will do the trick too. 
Conversely, you might want everyone's attention, in which case this hat is anachronistically dramatic enough to garner plenty of 'is that...?' glances.

Ingredients | You Will Need
Draped Traveller Scarf | Limited Edition
Crisp White Cami | The JetSet
Green Culottes | It Girls
LE Black Fedora Inspired by Saint Laurent | Limited Edition
Balenciaga Inspired Large Earrings | Inspired by Balenciaga Tribute
Sleek Red Handbag | Millionaire Mansion Fashion
Patent Sneaker | Nelly.com

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