Wednesday, 22 August 2018

1 Piece 1 Week | Gucci Inspired T Shirt

So normally, I don't pick such a new piece for these 1 Piece 1 Week posts, but everyone is styling up this Gucci Inspired T Shirt from this months Hotbuys (review at the end of the month!) and so I thought I'd throw my own take on it into the mix! After featuring quite a few looks with this tee I really went into it with the expectation that it would be an easy one to work with, but I sure was wrong! I found this tricky to get out of one style direction with, by the end of it, I found some great items to pair with it, but it was a tough journey to get there. I tried to pair it with pieces that I hadn't seen styled with it, despite my natural instinct being to wear the Balenciaga Green Skirt with it which is the dream pairing =D
Trouser-stylings make the world go around
If I can, I will wear trousers with something, they look awesome and can bring a lot to a look. Neutral tones were the best pairing, no matter how hard I tried to work with denim pieces! The hemming of the tee is perfect for cool tucked looks too. Strappy shoes are awesome with these pieces because they add some glamour to them, the lengths of the trousers are perfect for these^
Summer skirts are still kicking around
I can get the bare legs out for just a little longer - although finding the perfect shorter skirt for this tee was a big challenge! You can never have too much Gucci I think, the first styling says that, but I think it works and of course the gold metalwork sure helps! The stripes on the tee give some options, this rusted red knotted piece is a more bold choice, not sure it's the perfect one but I like it^
Pleats all over the place
These stylings are a little mixed but fit with their common theme of pleats on the pieces, this style looks good with the more minimal design of the tee. Colours are key in these styles, with the orangey-red being very eye-cathing, while the neutral base of the second gives way for fun additions - this cardi with the tee is my favourite pairing, I just need to find more pieces to work with it =)

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