Saturday, 11 August 2018

S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

Brand new SubCouture this weekend! We got prepared with notifications and an offer in the middle of the week - but to be honest it didn't excite me as it's been very much packaged together with this Callie Con event based on superheroes, sorry but I have absolutely zero interest in that. So I came into this release not so excited - can the pieces change my mind?! Let's see the store!
Highlights So I'll be very honest, I don't find this one of the better Subcouture releases - I find the styles not so versatile and I don't think it caters to a range of people. I'm also not a fan of the interior, for me I don't think it works well with the collection and doesn't look so attractive. Why am I doing a review, you ask? Well I think it's important to document this about the collection - yes, I still did buy a few things which I think have potential and yes there are still featured looks to feature!
Accessories There aren't too many accessories in the release. There are 4 pairs of shoes, 2 are platforms which I'm sure you'll guess my opinion about, but the other 2 pairs are not bad. The Gianvito Rossi Inspired PVC Booties are lace-up and perspex and have an ok design, but I'm really liking the MiuMiu Inspired Ankle Boots - white, a pointed toe and a kitten heel, they tick all the boxes and look great on the doll! The bags also didn't entertain me very much, I don't think they were very well chosen. The only other piece is a belt, the Trench Coat Belt, to match clothing, and I think it looks great! It's a sleek piece and is very nice, it will work well with a lot of other items too.
Clothing It's a pretty mixed bag, for me there are only a few great pieces - but there is a good balance between male and female pieces to choose from, with the male jackets being pretty popular for everyone! There is quite a heavy green influence in store, with a range of bright to muted tones, but the winning piece for me is the Yerba Bow Detailed Jumpsuit - it's a shirt-styled jumpsuit with a loose fit but cinched at the waist with a bow. I love the piping details in white along the cuffs and the collar and pockets, it really pops and I think the details on the top half around the neckline are highlighted really nicely. The minimal design of the piece works well and I think it looks amazing on the doll - my favourite piece from this collection by far! In terms of other one-pieces, there are two - firstly the Glitter Mini Slip Dress which I think is a sweet piece, I like the colour and design, but the pattern on it is glitchy, and from experience I know this won't get fixed! So sadly I'll be skipping that one, but I haven't skipped on the second piece, the Heart Buckle Jumpsuit, that blue is amazing! I feel like I go on about blue a lot, I love wearing it, and the style of this piece is pretty, I like the thin straps on the shoulders, the fit on the doll, the leg length and the sheen to the piece. The only think that stopped me a little was the strap around the leg, it's not necessarily what I would want, but I do think the pros outweigh it on this piece! I'm normally all over pairs of trousers, and I like a quirky print, but I'm very much on the fence about the Leather Snake Print Trousers. The colours are nice, but I don't think I like them so much on my doll, there's something I'm just not sure about - have any of you guys bought them and loved them? But their mannequin partner, the Leather Trench Coat, paired with the Trench Coat Belt and Faux Fur Collar, is amazing! This is a stunning coat that is made for autumnal stylings, I'm very pleased with it! It sits on the doll very nicely and has a very nice design and colour, it would be awesome if it came with a backpiece, but I don't think that lets it down - I'm super excited about wearing this one =D And the final piece to mention, the most versatile and easy piece to wear in the release, the Sweet White Bodysuit, which has cute cap short sleeves and a tight fit to the body, it will be great with any sort of trousers, jeans, skirt, shorts and it's super minimal, just what I like!
Prices The release ranges from 15 to 50SD's, with only 2 pieces above the 40SD mark. The store is limited to just this weekend, so decisions need to be made quickly on what you want to buy! There are 2 pieces which are SS only and this is normal for this store. Lots of people complaining that this release is too expensive, but it's not particularly out of range of previous Subcouture or recent releases.
Styled Outfits So I bought a few pieces and I'm pleased with how they've styled - although the jumpsuits really don't need much to be added, they are great on their own! With the Yerba Bow Detailed Jumpsuit I've gone for white accessories which I think works very effectively. Super simple with the Heart Buckle Jumpsuit too, I chose minimal silver heels and a matching blue bag - I tried out a couple of jackets, but I quite liked having the cami-style top half on show! And finally the Leather Trench Coat and Trench Coat Belt in this autumnal look, I can't wait to wear it again come September and October! I found it easy to find pieces to work with this tan leather colour, this skirt works nicely with the shape of the piece, and I like the contrast of the leather with the tulle^
Features And of course features! This styling from belindaSempre makes use of the Martine Rose Inspired Jeans Jacket Man and it's paired well with the denim miniskirt beneath and the sleeves look awesome with the printed sweater, the mix of colours and designs look great together. I like the edge that the leather boots give and the designer touch from the LV monogrammed bag!
Josephvampire looks amazingly chic in the Faux Fur Collar which has been made into a great jacket piece with the addition of some furry sleeves, it looks fantastic and comes across beautifully as a single piece! I love the base of black to let the colours in the fur pop and I adore the brown based accessories in the bags and sunglasses, those are super^
And finally tolady wearing the Patchwork Effect Denim Jacket and MiuMiu Inspired Ankle Boots. Both pieces work very nicely with these light washed denim jeans, they look great with the denims on the jacket and the length is perfect for the ankle-height of the boots. I love the accessorising with more white in the sunglasses, perfect =D

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