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C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

Our 96th Callie's Picks release last week and a pretty cool theme! I love versatility and getting lots of looks out of one piece, so this idea is right up my street^ The advertising is minimal and shows off the theme of the store, I think it works out nicely - lets see how these 10 looks shape up =)
Highlights The 10 looks are spread over two floors, and while the idea is to show off versatility for the piece, I don't see a huge range of styles for the trousers in these outfits, they all fit into just one or two categories to me. Again this release has a lot of previous Tribute pieces in it too, which is always welcome^ 
Accessories The accessories are really a huge part of the store, there is such a wide range to choose from in terms of not only shoes and bags, but the extra pieces too! So there are 10 bags, one for each look and they're in a reasonable mix of colours and styles - my personal favourites are threefold, the Versace Minaudiere, Pink Lady Dior S and Vinyl Handbag (that green and white Dior clutch!). I think these are great pieces and are ones I do get good use out of^ Of the rest, I think the 100 Percent Bag and Fanny Pack are great additions, they're both quite unique, there's really nothing else like them in the Plaza! There are also 10 pairs of shoes in the store, although I do think they provide a disappointing choice as there's not a lot of range of style - none of them are pairs I would look to to consider buying. I think both of the hats will go down well, the Gianni Medusa Cap is in the classic baker-boy style that has been popular recently, and the Faux Leather Cap is a piece from quite a few years ago now that was hugely popular! The Psychometry Sunglasses are a good classic style of sunglasses and will suit a lot of different styles. And there are a few necklaces, both based on Chanel, the Edinburgh Necklace and the Chunky Chanel Necklace, which I've seen worn a few times recently in very cool ways^
Clothing Of course there is the focus of the release, the CC Charm Patent Pants, but I have to say, these are not for me, they're just not my style - so that leaves me with a whole host of tops and jackets, of which there are many! I already have a couple of these pieces and there are styles I know I like, so my top picks for tops would be the Beaded Silk Blouse, White Rose Couture Top and the Embroidered Corset Top, which are all really cute styles and work well with a lot of other pieces aside from these Patent Pants! I'm also a little tempted by the Bronze Top - while I don't typically go for corset styles, I think this is quite nice and the style and colour works well for my doll. There are also some nice outerwear pieces, I picked up the Polka Dot Blouse (which is totally a blazer!) which so many people have been styling up! I'm also really liking the Blush Suit Blazer which has a great slim fit and the Off Shoulder Faux Fur because who doesn't love some faux fur for autumn and winter?!
Prices This release ranges from 6 to 40SD's, and there are a couple of pieces available in SC's as well. Just a couple of pieces are SS only, so on the whole it's an accessible store!
Styled Outfits So I styled up a mix of new purchases with pieces I already had and have put together somewhat of a strange mix of outfits - no theme whatsoever! First up the Polka Dot Blouse, styled with polka dot trousers and a dotted bag, can never have too many dots^ I like the oversized fit of the piece, I think it brings a lot to an outfit and it really adds all of the detail with those dots! Secondly the Vinyl Handbag, styled up with some surprisingly matching boots! I have no idea where this outfit came from, I think I like it? Maybe? I don't know, but the bag fits ok^ Don't think these flat white pieces are the most flattering though! And lastly the Pink Lady Dior S which gets a lot of wear by me^ Styled up with more white and this perfect pink blazer, this is such a cute styling for summer, especially with the ruffling of the skirt =)

Features Both of these stylings today feature the Polka Dot Blouse! Firstly Elrry also adding in the Versace Minaudiere and the Pink Lady Dior S which look great layered together and with a third piece! And also the White Rose Couture Top with the theme of bold pink running through the look well! I think the polka dots are a good idea thrown in the mix, they give a change of focus from the pink without diverting much attention. Also loving the sunglasses^
And secondly marina495 also going with pink but on the calmer end of the colour spectrum with these dusted rose trousers! The muted tones are a great fit with each other and I like the simple blouse beneath. The red lip is a beautiful pop of colour and the sleek hairstyle is super pretty^

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