Thursday, 13 December 2012

What do you think you're doing ...

*Right so this isn't fashion related, but it is a very important matter that I feel so passionate about to post about*
Ok, so tonight it was brought to my attention that a member had copied one of Khol's graphics and they were looking for the message to be passed on - with a little more detective work at the individuals blog, it's not just Khol that she's copied, it's many many popular graphics designers that we all know of, in each case the original is follwed by the copy:


Her favourite graphics girl to copy though is Kasey, she has taken at least 3 of her graphics:

Those are just the ones who I know for definite, but these graphics are also copied or taken from elsewhere, I can't remember all of the artists, so if you know, please let us know in comments!
This was an old header for a blog called Barwny Stardoll, by XxEwelina1996xX
This was featured in a magazine in the past year
Header for Styllash by MarcelQ
Made by Gonija
Again unknown, but I have seen previously.
I think this is by thefray101 ?
So that's a whole lot of copied graphics, normally you see one or two, maybe 3 at most, but this many?!?! Unbelivable!!!

Love K xxx

P.S. Thanks to emmahunt4 and cooldeer123 for the tip offs =D


  1. I think this is terrible. It is horrible to think of the graphic designers and how long it must take you all just for somebody to steal your graphics and pull it of for them selves.

  2. It infuriates me how this girl can think it's okay to steal graphics and say they are her own, it makes me laugh how after most of the graphics she says something like "new graphic i made, what do you think?"

  3. The old Styllash header is made by Marcelq and the graphic from Barwny Stardoll is made by XxEwelina1996xX.

  4. Oh, and here you have the graphic of the girl in mint dress: http://gonijaa.blogspot.com/2012/04/wszystko-o-stardoll-i-wiele-wiecej.html

  5. What does she even think she's doing? People spent hours on photoshop to make these graphics and she just puts her ridiculous text on it with awful font -.- If you can't make graphics take photos and over topaz them for god's sake! It's better than this u.u