Saturday, 29 December 2012

Christmas raffle - results!

So 40 people entered but unfortunately one was not a follower, so that makes 39 and the first 3 prizes are up for grabs!
So I used random.org to generate random numbers between 1 and 39, and the results were as follows:
 And who are numbers 5, 20 and 31?

Congrats you three! Mathildamath you get the DG Gem Playsuit, _StarHelen_ you get the Dior Dress and EmmaHunt4 you get the HotBuys Dress =D

The other items will be negotiable for sale until 1st January 2013, if you're interested in any of them contact me in my GB.

Love K xxx


  1. OMG THANK YOU :3 HAHA never expected this =D

  2. I just saw it now since I was on vacation the last few days :) Thank you!

    xoxo mathildamath