Saturday, 15 December 2012

2013 is ...


That is the official colour of 2013, and I'm super happy, I do love emerald, I think it's one of my top jewel colours =)
It's one of the colours that immediately make me think of The Wizard Of Oz, along with ruby red and bright yellow! I'm such a big Wizard of Oz fan, I can't wait for the two new Oz related films to be released =)

Anyway back to emerald! I have no problem getting pieces in real life, there's plenty to choose from, but on SD it's another question completely! I could only find 2 decent items in the Plaza to choose from:
These pieces are both different shades, but I'd say they were both still in the emerald category =)
I prefer the trousers more for sure, but that's because I'm a major trouser fan! But there is one fab individual who loves the dress and has styled it flawlessly! And that is emusia14goth:
This was featured on the wonderful Kamizelke! And I love the idea of the dress as a skirt - just great! Plus the zebra print ... just wow!

The trousers from Chloe are super easy to style, I think everyone could come up with a cute outfit if they tried! My combination would be with a white blouse, black jacket (potentially my faux fur one), and some ankle boots, and I'd try and get a jewel coloured necklace too, maybe ruby?
You can always try the Bazaar too for items, however green is one of those hard search colours - I always end up finding items with no green in the whatsoever! Anway, there are some pieces out there once you sift through all the irrelevant things, personal favourites are:
{Don't know why, but the pics seem blurry at this size, quite unusual! Anyway, click to enlarge as usual}

So, what emerald pieces would I like to see on Stardoll in 2013?
-Some fab jewellery
-Skirts and dresses
-Pieces embellished in emerald sequin patterns, like the pic at the top!

Anyway, that's all for now!
Love K xxx

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