Wednesday, 12 December 2012

63 Day Challenge: Day Fifty One

Day Fifty One Featured Item: Jeweled DG Miniskirt
 Picked up this skirt in the Star Bazaar one or two days ago, I wasn't sure how I'd style it or anything, but I wanted to give it a shot =) 
Went for something quite atypical really. I found it hard to get the right shirt, and I still don't think this one is the best, but it does alright. Just a simple black jacket works best here I think, though I'd like to find another that looks good too - I kinda want to wear this skirt on Christmas day =)
The shoes I picked up yesterday, again they were a kinda risky buy, but I like them - do they go with this outfit? Probably not, haha, but I quite like them =) And it's important to like the items you wear - you really wouldn't wear them otherwise!!!

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