Saturday, 22 December 2012

To platform or not to platform?

So platforms are in high abundance in RL, but I feel they are an area which Stardoll lacks in slightly, so users have come up with their own alternative - wearing multiple pairs of shoes, giving the impression of one fab pair! 
 {Photos = Pinterest}
You will be currently shouting at your screens that I'm a bit behind with this trend, but have no fear, it's been around, along with my knowledge of it, for quite a while. I'm not really that much of a fan of it, you see people badly matching up shoes to wear and it just makes their outfits look awful! It's when I see things like that that makes me think I will never ever do that, I wouldn't want to make myself look like that. So one pair of shoes at a time is all fine for me!
But there are members who have paired up shoes beautifully and have spent plenty time coming up with a great look, so I wanted to write this post to show a few =)
 Veeruska perfectly pairing studded pumps with platform heels.
Gulsykutza wonderfully working laced boots with platform ankle booties.

P.S. On the lookout for fab looks to feature - I feel I miss them from the blog!

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