Monday, 10 December 2012

63 Day Challenge: Day Forty Nine

Day Forty Nine Featured Item: Midnight Purple Trousers
Love these so much! I can't believe I have gotten to day 49 and not styled them yet!
This new interior was making me feel quite summery, and it was actually sunny outside today - shame I was inside studying! Anyway, summery-ish look for today, kept it really simple so the dark of the trousers would pop out at you! This blouse has a perfect tie as it nips at the waist so you can see the full trousers. Chose a beaded necklace and went for shoes to play off its pink chain. Little silver sparkly bag was a glitzy addition - I don't think I'd pair it with this look in RL, but it works ok for me in SD!

1 comment:

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