Thursday, 27 December 2012

Capsule wardrobe - Accessories

Ok, so hopefully you all read the first Capsule Wardrobe post featuring clothing, and now here's the accessories one! As well as the usual bags, shoes etc. I'll also be putting in tights, I wouldn't really call these items either clothes or accessories, but as I think this post could be quite short, I'll add them in here =)

Tights are kind of a given, but they often get forgotten =) Two pairs are all you need for your doll, both black, but one thick and one thin. These will get you through any season and almost any outfit, and for me they are quite invaluable. The thick ones are from Fallen Angel and the thin from VOILE, each pair only costs 30 SC's so there is absolutely no reason for you not to have a pair!
One pair is all you need! Yes, I have like 8 in my closet, but those are extras and pretty non essential! A great classic pair that suit your doll are the only pair you will ever really actually need. Black ones are the best classics to get you through, mine come from Chanel, but there are numerous pairs in the plaza for you to choose from =)
I am a huge belt person, I love them a lot, and sometimes they can be the only accessory in an outfit. Black and white are the two most essential colours and between them they can easily go with any outfit or clothing item. I prefer them skinny and sitting on the waist, but you might not, so be sure to browse around for ones which will suit the clothing and style that you wear. My black one is from LE, but there are many more in the plaza, and my white one is from the Apres Ski store(perfect for picking up winter pieces!). I also like having a third belt which is detailed and that little bit more special than a plain black or white one, so I have a gold leopard one for those occasions when a basic one simply wont do! Again with this third belt it's important to look around and find that special on for you!
So shoes are so hard for me to whittle down to a minimum! The first absolutely absolute essential pair is black ankle boots - no question! These are like the food of my Stardoll wardrobe! This pair are StarDesign, and sadly the shoe design is no longer available, but you can find them in the bazaar. There are also pairs in the plaza, the nelly.com store has some good ones =) Next are a pair of white courts - these wont be for everyone, but white is one of my top colours and these, for me, are essential! They literally go with everything and anything =) Now you'll notice I've got a third, but blank, mannequin there and that is because I feel there should be a third pair (an amazing, beautiful pair of stiletto heels), but me being me I couldn't choose that pair, I have too many I like and that I want! And I know many of you will be the same about your shoes =D
With bags, 3 are all you need - black, white and nude. "What?" I hear you question as I only picture 2 above - well that's because I haven't actually got the ideal white bag as I'm yet to find one! It hasn't been a disaster yet, but I'm sure in the future with my recent white 'craving' it will be a major fashion problem for me!
So my black one is from Nelly.com and my nude one from YSL. You'll have noticed both are clutches, which is my personal preference in bags, I find them often easier to work with outfits rather than shoulder bags, but everyone will be different =)

So that's it with the Capsule Wardrobe posts - but don't worry, there are many more wardrobe posts planned, including Party Wardrobes, Holiday Wardrobes and Winter Wardrobes!

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