Saturday, 22 December 2012

Capsule wardrobe

So what is a capsule wardrobe you ask? Well it's a collection of several essential items that will be your basics, this can be updated throughout different seasons to work with the trends, but they will always be your basis. The pieces wont go out of fashion, may be called "classics" and will be pieces that you always use and want through your time at Stardoll.
Your capsule wardrobe should really be as small as possible, your SD one will definitely be different to one you might have in RL, but I'm going to focus on SD here in this post =) The order in which I've named items isn't really specific, it's just the order items go in my closet!

So a shirt means like an actual collared shirt, not a t-shirt as some might say (to me, and many others, these are tee's). A lot of other sites say you need only one, but I'm leaning toward two - one white and one another colour of your choosing. My preference is for black, but go for any colour that you like and wear (remember, not just a one-season piece!). My white choice is from the old DKNY store and can be found in the Bazaar these days at not too bad a price(mine cost around 80SD's, it's a lot, but it's a capsule piece, you're meant to have it for years!), I wear it a lot as I find it a really easy piece to throw on if you're in a hurry. My black shirt is from the Versus Versace Tribute store and took me a long time to find at a good price (150SD's) in the Bazaar, but I think the shirt is worth it for me with the number of times I've worn it and the number of items it works well with.

Ok you can't really call these tees, but they are in my tee section of my closet so I'm going with it! You will only really need two simple tees in your capsule wardrobe, one black and one white, these are the basic essential colours of your top collection! I've chosen the Amy Claire Tanks, but there are plenty out there for you to choose as your own. I don't think much explanation is really needed for these - they're versatile, wont go out of style - they truly are investment pieces! It's always worthwhile, if you really want a certain one, to just spend the money on it - you'd rather spend a lot on one piece you know you'll wear and get use out of, than spend it on 5 or 6 of the same item trying to decide which you like best.
Featuring shorts is a bit hit or miss to me, you either wear them on your doll or you don't - it's pretty simple, but I thought I'd include them for those that do like the odd wear of shorts. I would say a denim pair is absolutely essential - this pair from Nelly.com recently replaced the other denim pair I used. These are the ideal denim shorts really, they're short, but not too short, and their denim has great texture and looks detailed, makes them worth the 14SD's I paid for them! I am also including a second pair of shorts, this black pair are much more dressy than denim, and this pair comes from Pretty 'n Love. I've seen these worn so many times around Stardoll that I can't keep count, but they look perfect with tights in the winter or bare legs in the summer - they are definitely one of the most versatile pairs of shorts I've come across =)
 I am very much big on seasonal jackets as you'll have seen on my previous posts, but I'm not so big on classic jackets that will last, so I've only selected one to be in my capsule wardrobe. This black open jacket it a great piece to have, it can help finish off almost any outfit, and looks great with skirts, dresses or trousers. Unfortunately this jacket is unsellable and no longer in the Plaza, so if you didn't get it then you wont be able to now, but there are plenty out there for you to decide which is for you!
So I really don't have any Capsule Wardrobe dresses - I don't have any that I feel are pieces that I wear a lot or that are classics, I'm not much of a dress person actually! I'd rather skirts, jeans or trousers. But anyway, dresses aren't pieces that I feel need to be in a capsule wardrobe - I mean fair enough I have plenty of dresses in my closet if you've looked through it, but I wear them only on the odd occasion really, if you browse my 63 Day Challenge posts, you'll see what I mean!
 So I've placed 3 items in this category, a black skirt, a white skirt, and a maxi/coloured skirt - this last piece really is necessary if the majority of your other wardrobe pieces are black or white. If you're not a fan of white, then the white skirt isn't a necessity like it is for me - but I did want to include the option. The black one, in my opinion is most important as it will get you through any style, occassion or phase, and it will still be a cute stylish black bodycon skirt. 
You want one or two pairs in your capsule wardrobe. Mine would be both skinny and one pair black, the other dark denim/dark blue. The black pair shown are from Bizou and cost only 50sc's, which is almost a steal for such a key piece - it amazes me that some people don't own these! You could also choose the version from BASICS, but my personal preference is for the Bizou ones, the fit makes the difference to me. The blue ones shown are from the Galliano store in Harrods and cost 18sd's, these recently replaced another pair I previously had. I know at 18sd's they're a bit pricey, but to me they are worth it - they could be described as "classics" by some and therefore are definitely worth the spend.
Your capsule wardrobe doesn't need anymore jeans, but of course most dolls own more than just 2 basic pairs - these are simply additions to your capsule wardrobe to work with the current trends and styles =)
 Trousers are sometimes a bit of a rough spot that people have, and I'm not sure why, because I love them a lot =) One pair is a definite for your capsule wardrobe, but I've added a second pair to mine as I would wear them more often that a dress. The pair to have is a great black pair, these look great with any style of top and any pair of heels. You can then easily add in any accessories to be the stand out pieces. I chose a second pair - the highwaisted ones, as they work really well for me. It's important to find out what sort of pieces work well for you and then sort out accordingly. Like there's no point in buying something you really don't like, but you want to have it because I or someone else has it.


So that's the clothing of my capsule wardrobe - just 14 pieces!

That's all for now!
Accessories coming soon!


  1. I absaloutly adored this post. Looking through I started to relize that I dont even own a lot of Basics. :)

    1. Cool =)

      I did mean to write that I'll be doing other posts, like a party wardrobe, winter wardrobe etc. =)

    2. I can not wait to see them to :) I love your Versace black top! And the Young Hollywood skirt is to die for. I must say I do love these posts on the blog, along with everything else of course! :)