Thursday, 27 December 2012


Brand new Nelly.com has been released - 2 floors worth of clothes! These pieces are perfect party pieces and I can see being used greatly over this festive and New Year period - I know a few will feature in my Party Wardrobe post!
Anyway, these are the pieces that I have purchased, and there are a few more on my Star Plaza Wishlist =)
1. Rider Clean Canvas Vero Moda, 15SD's
2. Ida Sjosted For Nelly Mesmerised Shoes, 11SD's
3. Orange Cheap Monday Dress, 24SD's
4. Black Round Toed Pumps, 9SD's
5. Nly Chloe Dress, 27SD's
6. Ida Sjosted For Nelly White Dress, 27SD's
7. Black Gem Heels, 13SD's

I think several of the pieces are quite pricey, but I really love them so I don't mind paying the price =)

Which pieces did you guys buy? And what do you think of all the new releases?

Love K xxx

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