Sunday, 30 December 2012

Party Wardrobe

As it's currently the biggest party season of the year I feel a party wardrobe post is quite essential!
A New Years Eve party is kinda the one party you want to be looking your best at, for me it's about being glamorous, glitzy, fabulous, it's about wearing sequins, jewels, stilettos ... the list of beautiful items could go on an on!
So we've been through your capsule wardrobe of more basic, everyday items, but I think it's so important to have some special items for your, what I call, Party Wardrobe!
I don't think your party wardrobe needs to be particularly huge, but I think it needs at least several items which all seem quite different to each other so that your ready for whatever the party or celebration!

For dresses I'm drawn to whites and blues, I don't have a particular reason, but these two colours are the first my eyes go to when I'm looking for a party dress! Black is a classic as well, but if you're heading out for New Years you want to stand out rather than blend in, people will go for the 'safety' of black, whereas you'll want to take the risk!
The navy is quite classic, it works well with silver so will be easy to match up with jewellery, shoes and a bag(that maxi nelly dress already has some cute silver jewels adorning the neckline - a perfect starting place!). White looks great with most accessories, I think bright or jewel colours would look best, but that might just be me! The white is a great base if you're wanting to wear statement accessories or makeup. A very quick and simple styling of the white maxi would be with black:
If you're not a fan of white or blue, then the world is quite literally your oyster! The plaza currently has 835 dresses for you to choose from - there will be at least one which is perfect for your party wardrobe! The new Nelly.com additions will be sooo helpful for your party wardrobe, there are many dresses there which are ideal for NYE =) Plus there's the bazaar where there are many many mroe dresses for you to browse through.

If dresses aren't your thing, then don't fret, glitz and glam comes in many packages other than dress shaped ones! I would easily wear any of these pieces for a party styled outfit, not necessarily together, but maybe as a focus piece.
Just from this you can tell I love glitter and jewels! But I've also encorporated some deeper colours in the trousers that I've shown, I think these colours are just so inviting and warm and enjoyable to wear!

So now accessories. Shoes are the big ones here - heels are a must, I could never ever ever put flats into my party wardrobe! Heels will make you taller and you'll notice the difference - they really add confidence and elongate your legs making your pins look super long and perfect!
Shoes will, a lot of the time, be reliant on the clothes you have in your party wardrobe, so I wont go into too many details as you wont necessarily have all the items that I have in my party wardrobe - but the one pair I wouldn't miss out are these:
These are from the new items in the Nelly.com store and I wouldn't ignore them! I've been wanting a pair of shoes literally exactly like this for like ever on Stardoll, and at only 9 SD's these are practically a steal! 

So that was very much a quick tour of the Party Wardrobe, I hope it might help you decide what to wear tomorrow night! Looking forward to posting more wardrobe posts in the new year =D


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