Saturday, 15 December 2012

63 Day Challenge: Day Fifty Four

Day Fifty Four Featured Item: Nelly Shorts
 These shorts were the first item I saw when the Nelly.com store was released and I knew I had to have them at that moment!
1.Standoff Robe, Frankie Morello
2. Stargazing Skull Tee, Fallen Angel
3. Nelly Shorts, Nelly.com
4. Transparent PVC Bag, Dolce and Gabbana
5. Black Pantyhose, Fallen Angel
6. Cuir Desir Heels, Diesel
I was a bit unsure how to style these shorts really well, and I don't think this outfit is that good, but I think the shorts are noticeable in it. They look very rock chick to me, so that was what I went for with the jewelled tee - which I actually really like surprisingly, could be seeing a lot more of it soon!

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