Saturday, 29 July 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Huge Secret Pearl Necklace

Wow, we're at the final Hotbuy of the month! This is the Huge Secret Pearl Necklace from Pretty 'N Love priced at 11SD's (woohoo, something reasonably affordable for once). It's certainly not the most exciting of HBs from this months release, in fact I really brushed it off when I saw it in the release of the items at the start of the month - and on the doll it does look quite small so you really don't get any of the details, which is maybe a little disappointing, it's nice if you make your doll larger though^ I like the silver of it - I have a lot of gold, so this is a good variation to the mix.
To be honest I didn't find this piece all that inspiring to style, which really doesn't happen often with me. I'll put it down to it being just a bit of a forgotten HB of this month I think, there were some great pieces in there and this one seems to fall a little flat =/ But still vote in our poll for your favourite outfit:

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