Thursday, 27 July 2017

R I V I E R A | Styled Outfits

It was over a week ago that we got new Riviera in the Plaza, and usually there's a pretty good batch of things to be had, however I was left quite disappointed after visiting the new release. A lot of pieces came across as being fad-like beachwear rather than some of the more stylish pieces we've seen in the past, and novelty items, like realistically who would wear the inflatable donut enough for a 22SD price tag?! I just find it a bit tacky for the store - luckily there was one saving grace in the release, the Waterfall Sheer Skirt! It's a little pricey for what it is (17SD's), but being that it'll be the only piece from the collection that I'm wanting, I don't mind this so much. The style is super popular right now, so it's spot on with the trends and likes of the Stardoll members. I was very excited to style this piece and I hope you enjoy my looks =)
I found this skirt easy to style and easy to feel summery in. I like that it comes with the backpiece for the full skirted look too, and the design definitely helps with the easy of styling. I went down 3 routes for my stylings, firstly something smart, choosing black pieces, and this striped shirt keeps the look summery. Secondly going for a more dressed up style with a white top very similar to the skirt, and choosing bright accessories - love these heels with the skirt, they're a perfect summer sandal! And lastly a more city-styling for the skirt rather than beach. I loved this cropped top with the skirt, the pink pops and catches your attention first before it goes to the skirt. I love these shoes with the skirt too, they're a great pairing for it!

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