Wednesday, 12 July 2017

F is for Fendi

Can it really be tribute season already? 

This Fendi tribute is something rather special with the variety of pieces and commitment to the inspiration. The quality is pretty stunning and has had a rather draining effect on my purse... 

Choosing something to style was rather overwhelming, but I went for this lovely glen check blazer. This kind of look is very 'me', what with the tailoring and my love affair with grey, but I look forward to experimenting with the fur sleeves of this blazer (I've hidden them under another tribute Season favourite of mine), as well as some of the wilder pieces in the collection. 

Ingredients / You Will Need
Fendi Inspired Glencheck Blazer | Inspired by Fendi Tribute
Crisp White Blouse | Inspired by Fendi Tribute
Over Shoulder Chanel Coat | Inspired by Chanel Tribute
Tailored Wool Trousers | Bonjour Bizou
Extra Extra Clutch | Antidote
Hotbuys Platform Tennis Sneakers | Original Future
Kim Sparkling Brooch | Young Hollywood
Double Arc Earrings | Glam 'r' Us

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