Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #162

Feeling very summery and trendy today with this next challenge post featuring two pink pieces^ First up is the Light Rose Tweed Clutch, which I got from Pretty 'N Love but it has had other releases too and is only in SC's so is a pretty easy piece to get hold of. I've been deliberating how to style this for a while, as it's a piece that can easily get lost in a look, then I saw some skirt-spiration on Instagram and this look immediately popped to mind, I just love love love it so much! The light pink is great with both the lighter whites and darker pinks of the look and I think the look is just right for the bag, plus I love this Fendi accessory combination as well^ Then secondly the Modern Bow Clutch, also from Pretty 'N Love, which was also pretty inexpensive. I quite regretted buying this piece after getting it to my doll and trying to style it when I bought it, and I've tried a few times since, but I really struggled, and I think it was that the clutch had a wrist strap, and it couldn't really be ignored - so I embraced it in this outfit, pairing the strap with this metallic blazer and jewellery while going with a pale dress for the main body of the clutch, and I'm happily surprised that it worked out! I really like the outcome of this styling, and as a pair I'm so happy for both of these bags =D

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