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I N S P I R E D B Y F E N D I | Tribute Review

Finally finally onto the FENDI Tribute review! The store was released last week as the first Tribute store of the summer season, in fact I'd quite forgotten about the Tribute season so this was a very pleasant surprise for me! The homepage add is pretty cute and fluffy - from the sweater and bag shown, to the pink hair and the bubbly background =D I'll also apologise for how long this review is!
Highlights I do think the advert gives quite a different impression of the store than I get from the store itself - I see much more of a high-fashion focus with a lot of key pieces and trends, with less of a 'softer' feel that the advert had. But I like it anyway, I think the Interior really gives a great atmosphere to the store and a great setting for showing off the pieces which all have a range of styles. There's also a male look included, which I think is a nice thought.
Accessories Not a huge range of accessories, but I think the amount is right for the size of the store and the pieces have been chosen and designed well for us. There are two pairs of shoes, although I'm wishing for a female pair of the male choice, the Fendi Inspired Thigh High Boots and the Pom Pom Biker Boots - I definitely prefer the first pair, although they're not typically me I still bought them and have enjoyed styling them so far! The red tone is great and I think it will be perfect for autumn, I also like the pointed toe style and the heel height. There are three bags, the very sweet and classically-Fendi Fendi Inspired Mini Handbag with fur and sweet colours, then the bright popping sweet Floral Backpack, something which seems quite popular in the RL fashion world too, and lastly something a little darker, the Peek A Boo Faux Fur Bag which I am yet to make up my mind about - it has some great detailing and I like the fur texture, but I'm just not sure about how I'd wear it, share your thoughts in the comments! And then there's a small selection of other pieces to choose from, and I think they're all pretty nice. The Red Hoop Earrings Left and Right are pretty cool pieces, I love a pop of red and these are stylish earrings without too many bells and whistles. I can see them working out in a lot of different stylings of looks. Then there are the Fendi Inspired Lunettes which are minimal gold-framed glasses which are an easy purchase for a lot of people as the shape is versatile and seems to suit everyone. The Fendi Inspired Waist Belt is pretty cool, when you look close up the design is detailed and I like the retro style that it has. I haven't bought it yet as I'd like some more time to think about if I'd style it or not, but I think I'll end up getting it once the store is on 'Last Chance'. And last but not least, although it is my least favourite accessory, the Karlito Faux Fur Stole which seems quite a winter piece. To me it just comes across as quite bulky and I can't easily see my doll wearing it.
Clothing Such a range of clothing pieces and styles in this release and everything looks pretty great with great transition from RL to Stardoll. The pieces definitely give off an autumnal vibe with their tones and styles, but I'm happy to make a few pieces work right now - autumn should be exciting for styling!
     Dresses There are 5 dresses on offer in this store, 2 on the more casual side and 3 which are pretty dressy and elegant and long. I find myself leaning towards the more dressy over the casual pieces - the Fendi Inspired Sweatshirt Dress is a nice minimal piece which I can see a lot of people liking for the street-style aspect, but it's not really something I would wear. Sure it does really yell 'FENDI' with the print on it, but I think with Tributes you kinda want something specially designed and this doesn't seem all that intricate. Speaking of intricate, the Fendi Inspired Crochet Tunic has all that and also great colours, which do entice me, but on my doll it looks like a badly oversized sweatshirt that I want to tuck into a skirt or some trousers but I can't! So the dressy dresses win out - the Glencheck Mesh Dress, Fendi Inspired Net Dress and Fendi Inspired Layered Chiffon Dress! They are all of a similar midi length (I love that^) and there's a lot of sheer and mesh panelling involved with these pieces. The pieces are all pretty different, which gives you a good choice for your own style. I like both the checked pattern and the halterneck style of the Glencheck Mesh Dress I think it's pretty flattering, although there is quite a bit going on with this dress in terms of things added to it, with lots of black panelling and quite a busy mesh sleeve. The Fendi Inspired Net Dress is probably the most basic of the 3, with a simple black body and the pretty mesh shaping ontop, which works great for the style but does introduce some challenges for when wanting to wear it as a more everyday piece - I do think there are some work-arounds, it will just need a little creativity, because the dress is stunning overall, I love the shape of the cut and of the sleeves but also the slightly fuzzy quality to the mesh itself. And lastly, the Fendi Inspired Layered Chiffon Dress which is the piece I've been contemplating most to purchase! Love the style, love the colours, I think it suits my doll pretty well, I just worry about how much I would wear it as I do think the square design at the neckline adds some bulk to the shoulders and that is a factor which puts me off a little - so undecided, help me!
     Tops I planned these little sections poorly as there only is one top in the store, although I will include the sweater here too - I love both these pieces! The Crisp White Blouse stood out to me immediately and I was gonna purchase no matter the cost! I love white blouses and this one has a great fit on the doll, a versatile and classic design, but also a little sprucing with the cuff pattern which looks great too. This is the sort of piece I love getting in Tribute stores as it's one I know that I will wear a lot and that will last throughout the seasons in my stylings - I'm sure you guys all have equivalent styles that you feel the same about =D And then the Fendi Inspired Pom Pom Sweatshirt which is just such a fun and Fendi piece to have! Love the furry designs that have become well known as Fendi and this really plays on that a lot. The shape is slightly oversized yet fits well on the doll and the colours are pretty cool and fitting together and with the basic sweatshirt itself.
     Bottoms There are also not many bottom pieces to this release, but the two items there are, are again, pretty great =D So there are the fitting-with-the-rest-of-the-release Fendi Inspired Tweed Pants. These are a pretty trendy piece, I can't see them working well all the time, but I think they are pretty suited to autumn and winter styles. I like the slim shape of the leg, although the length sometimes seems a little awkward so the overall fit could be improved, but I found it alright to get around that with other pieces in my styling. Then the completely different Silk Culottes which I am just dying over! These are amazing! The cornflower blue tone is pretty and one that will work well all year round, the style is very current but one that I love and will happily dress my doll in a lot, and the design of them is great - the length and pleats are fab. I hope others love these as much as I do =D
     Outerwear And lastly the outerwear pieces, of which there are three items and all quite different. Firstly the retro-looking Fendi Inspired Faux Fur Jacket which is a cropped piece in brown autumnal tones ... bit of a theme with the autumn! At first I didn't like it, I think it was down to the cropped shape, but the more I look at the store I am a little tempted to try it out because the red in there is very pretty. Then also in red, and a lot of it, is the Fendi Inspired Red Structured Coat which is just the definition of an autumn coat and I doubted how popular it would be with more structure than fit, but I was proven wrong by the number of features it is in below! Colour is great, but I'm still unsure on that fit! And the final coat is the Fendi Inspired Glencheck Blazer, which is in the tweeded pattern but also has some furry cuffs, which I kinda wish were an extra you could add if you wanted as they put me off the piece as a versatile item for my wardrobe. It has a nice fit though, and I think it will suit a lot of people, just those cuffs!
Prices The release ranges from 7 to 35SD's and nothing is limited to SS/Royalty which is awesome^ I think the prices are right for the pieces, although on a whole it is quite a pricey collection. As we know it's Tribute 'season' we can expect more so it's definitely easy to wait before purchasing pieces if you're not quite sure due to the price!
Styled Outfits I found the pieces from this release really easy to style, and I found it easy to pick pieces that I liked and definitely wanted from the store too. First up is the Crisp White Blouse and Fendi Inspired Tweed Pants which I styled very minimally with black and white accessories. Initially I liked having the sweater tied around the waist, but now I'm not enjoying it so much ... second thoughts, oh well! Secondly the Silk Culottes and I really had about 20 options for them! I stuck classically with this white shirt, showing their smarter side. Again used black and white accessories, I like that these culottes do work well with both heels and trainers, so many bonus points for them =D And lastly the Fendi Inspired Pom Pom Sweatshirt which I really just bought because it looked pretty fun, but actually enjoyed styling it - just thinking it will be much better in autumn and winter than styles for now! I picked out the green from the sweater to continue in the trousers and I really like the outcome of that combination. I also picked from the colours on the sweater for my orange clutch bags and pink shoes, something different but I quite like it and think there are a lot more options like this!
Features Again a post with a ton of features! So many amazing looks with this collection - I look forward to seeing what else can be created with these pieces =) These are just in alphabetical order, so no particular way^ First up we have beringelalara wearing the Fendi Inspired Tweed Pants and the Karlito Faux Fur Stole which does look rather good as a belted piece than a stole! I love the casual aspect that the hoodie adds to both the pieces. It definitely shows the versatility of the trousers. The pointed boots look great and fitting in the style, and I like the slight addition of glam with the Fendi Inspired Lunettes =)
I'm glad someone is wearing this Fendi Inspired Glencheck Blazer, and it happens to be gostosa23, but I still think it's just not for me - I could never pull it off like this! I like the lightness of it contrasted with the black velvet trousers and all the heavy black accessories. Keeping the neck clear really draws your eye to the blazer I think, and this does a good job of highlighting it as a piece!
Next up is one of the first stylings with the Fendi Inspired Red Structured Coat and this is from larissa-Goldie, and this styling includes a whole lot more - the Glencheck Mesh DressFendi Inspired Thigh High BootsKarlito Faux Fur Stole and the Fendi Inspired Tweed Pants which come in handy as tweed sleeves^ It's a lot, but it's a really nice use of all the pieces coming together and I definitely don't think it can be classed as over the top!
This muted neutral styling is super sweet from marina495 wearing the Fendi Inspired Crochet Tunic and it's pleasantly surprising =) It looks great with the beige tones, they highlight the lighter colours in the dress and I think it's actually been used really well - completely not a piece I'd go for but I'm pretty impressed! And those accessories, gotta love some more designer flair!
And next up is Mia1435 wearing the Fendi Inspired Thigh High Boots in quite a boho styled outfit with this printed off the shoulder minidress. The red is definitely in there with the dress, so it ties the pieces together but those boots hold the show completely! Also really like the addition of the fringing in the dress and the bag, very cute style =)
Then the Fendi Inspired Pom Pom Sweatshirt gets some attention from Mr.famous.com, which I actually thought I would see being more popular than it has been. This style is a classic for the sweater and the loose black trousers look great. Love the casual element confirmed by the sneakers but questioned by the amazing red-filled makeup look. The oversized striped shoulder bag is a fantastic stylish choice =)
Another styling with the Fendi Inspired Thigh High Boots this time from mreninhalinda in a much more grungy-casual style. I really like these jeans with the boots, the colours and textures are great and I wanna wear that combination next^ The boot texture has been followed through with the coat and I like that, plus it adds a different pattern to the look but doesn't make it look too busy!
More of the Fendi Inspired Red Structured Coat in this next styling from polinapolinka and isn't this something else?! I like the use of the clashing orange but it totally works - that big belt is a great piece for the coat fitting right in the waist line and the lips look great. I love that even more is added with the silver boots, bag and earrings - I know I couldn't pull it off on my doll, but on this one it's awesome^
Schouler really was the one who started selling me the Fendi Inspired Faux Fur Jacket. It looks lighter and pretty cool in this almost-retro casual styling. It looks good with the light jeans but absolutely incredible with this bag, another combination I wanna steal =P And it fits with the background well too, plus the Fendi Inspired Lunettes look oh so natural^
And the final styling, also with the Fendi Inspired Red Structured Coat is from ThePerpetua, who also includes the Fendi Inspired Thigh High Boots and the Red Hoop Earring Left in this cool retro style. I like the addition of the white, it almost looks slimming on the waist, but it also adds a brightness and lightness different to the orange before - I really like it! And I feel like the fur on the cuffs is emphasised a little more here too, not sure how/why, but again I like it =)

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