Friday, 7 July 2017

L I M I T E D E D I T I O N | Styled Outfits

And finally, today my LE Styled Outfits! There were so many looks to feature in the review, so I thought I'd do a separate take on the pieces with my looks in a separate post. I did buy a reasonable number of pieces, 7 in total, and I'm quite happy with everything I bought.
First up, the Sequin Sock Heels which I knew I wanted to style with these ripped hem jeans. I focused on the light green tones of the shoes for my shirt and like the minimal way that they've been added. I'm happy I found a nice casual way to wear these shoes, but I do look forward to wearing them dressed up as well. Also went a little casual-ish with my next look featuring the Elie Saab Inspired Palazzo Pants. The white top looks smart with the orange and I couldn't resist adding a little pink with my favourite belt and these perfectly matching bags =)
And then one of the dresses I bought, the Rattan Ruffled Dress which I just adore for the summer and I'm surprised not to have seen anyone else wear yet! This one didn't need much work at all to look good. I went for a similarly styled bag, I love the straw texture against the red and the cutout patterning, and then some minimal heels - the dress does all the talking itself^ And then the Dolce Gabbana Inspired Silk Blouse and Pants, which are a natural pairing - I wasn't planning on pairing these for this styling, but I just loved them both with this pink coat and couldn't choose one! Again these pieces don't need much else to make them styled - but I will work on them individually the next time I wear them =D

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