Monday, 17 July 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #167

This post is a little preemptive of tomorrow nights Fendi review! This look was styled for my Fendi looks but then I thought this bag, the PPQ PPW Lips Clutch, was an awesome fit for the Fendi Inspired Thigh High Boots and so a challenge look it became! I like this bag, I find the size and design an easy one to wear, but I always seem to go for the orange version over this one. I love the two red shades together, they're not identical but the difference allows the two pieces to stand out in their own way. I was quite happy to leave the red there as there's a lot going on, so I ended up using some houndstooth-type patterning with this popular skirt-shirt combination which I think looks fabulous with the red accessories. This is definitely an edgier look for me and I really like the outcome =D

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