Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #170

Summer sure is here with this next challenge post! It features the bright orange Valentino Inspired Orange Shoulderbag which is actually a pretty recent piece from It Girls so this is my first styling with it and I can tell you now it won't be the last =D Firstly it's the perfect summer piece in it's bright tone and also the cool printing on the shoulder strap, it's definitely something that can be looked at when considering what clothing to wear with the bag. I went pretty minimal so the bag could stand out, which was the goal of this look and I think I achieved that - the white pieces are the perfect base for orange but I also like that they've got some shape to them, they're not boring straight up-and-down pieces, so that adds a little more interest for me - still loving split leg skirts, I made this one from a dress and I wanna wear it again in another styling already! And I did a little orange makeup styling too, I should have taken a closer picture, but I did a cute pink and orange combination of shadows =)

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