Sunday, 23 July 2017

Hotbuys Decollete # W E S T Y L E I T

It's been a little while since our last We Style It post and today we bring you another pair of shoes the Hotbuys Decollete which have been released numerous times in re-releases over the years since their original Pretty 'N Love debut! I tried to style these last week but came up with *this* instead, I'm glad I left it a little bit as I'm so pleased with my styling for these shoes!
They have a great shape with a nice heel height and a pointed toe, but I think their colours maybe deter people a little - I know it has with me in the past, but I think we both really tried to embrace them in our stylings! AudreyHepburn. did that a little more than I did, with these pink trousers in a muted tone with the bags having brighter pinks, while I just added the paler pink with my top. And we've contrasted in base colours too, a light bright look vs a darker styling, but I do think these shoes have good potential for either with the black pointed tip on the end =) I'm still into skirts and these shoes work well with skirt/dresses and trousers equally, so that's a good point about them. I hope to see more people giving them a go =D

Let us know what you think in the opinions, and maybe you guys have a suggestion of a piece we could style in this segment!

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