Monday, 17 July 2017

S P L E N D I D | Styled Outfits

It has been quite a while since this Splendid collection was released, but I spent so long deciding if I wanted to buy anything, then choosing something and then getting around to styling it that it's now much later than anticipated! I didn't like the collection as a whole - I am a huge fan of pink but the advert is just not selling what they're doing with it to me at all! It's just a bit garish for my liking. My eye really only caught one piece that I thought I would get decent wear out of and that is the Metallic Choker which is priced at 15SD's - so not an everyday purchase, it's a price that makes me want to be sure of something first^ I styled both an outfit and a makeup look based on pink tones, and I think this actually worked out really nicely, that dress (the Voile Metallic Evening Gown) seems to have been made just for this choker! The deeper pink lip is super pretty with the choker too and I also added some pink to the shadow look but did take somewhat of a minimal approach with my colour choices there!

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