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I N S P I R E D B Y S A I N T L A U R E N T | Tribute Review

And here is our third Tribute of the season, Saint Laurent! This season sure is going by quickly and I hope there are at least two or three more sets of goodies in store for us =) Saint Laurent has been released a couple of times before, and from this homepage advert, I sure am excited to get on in and see the store and pieces chosen from the collection - the ad is minimal and has a classic Saint Laurent feel about it! 
Highlights We got three floors of pieces this time, and it does feel like a much larger collection than the more intimate Gucci - although maybe it's because I'm feeling so much more love for this release than our Tribute from last week! The store certainly has a similar vibe to previous releases with the marble and minimal boxed room feel, I love the whites and greys for this and I think it works well to show off the pieces =)
Accessories So there is a reasonable range of accessories with this release, although a small number of pieces. I have to say, looking at the real collection, there are a lot more things which could have been used that I would have loved as well, but I think there's some good picks for us to choose from here! There are two pairs of shoes, both boots, the Black and Crystals Scrunched Boots, and while I like the idea along with the style and fit of these, I don't think they have a hugely versatile wearability - while they look fabulous with the clothing pieces, I think making sure they look good with a range of other styles could be a little on the trickier side of things.
There are also two bags, which totally get my love! There's the Heart Silhouette Clutch and then the Tuxedo Shoulder Bag. The Heart piece is a fab item, maybe a little novelty for some, but it adds a great pop of colour and designer-flair to an outfit that I think will work out nicely in a lot of different situations both dressed up and casual. I also love the detailed texture on it, the patent leather comes out really nicely. And then the Shoulder bag, which I think seems to be somewhat of a staple from this release. It's got classic colours and design and I think it will be a winner of a piece that will work nicely with darker styled outfits, particularly in winter. And then there is a small selection of jewellery pieces. What stands out most is the YSL Monogram Choker, a piece which I just know immediately will be well-loved among the Stardoll members as the choker style is still going strong, it's maybe just a little more expensive than your average choker though! For the neck there's also the Choker With Red Flower, a little of a larger piece, which does put me off of it a little as it can't really be worn discretely, although check out the features below for a good idea for this piece^ And then lastly are the YSL Heart Earrings, yes, finally a pair of earrings! These are delicate and super shiny and therefore attractive, however are reasonably large in size so might overwhelm an outfit so I'd kinda prefer them to be a little more delicate.
Clothing The clothing has a classic Saint Laurent vibe with the typical black pieces available however with some bursts of colour also featuring in there too. There's a pretty decent range of styles of pieces and designs to choose from - I really do think it would be easy for everyone to find something that suited them in this release!
     Dresses There are several dresses in this collection, mostly mini pieces, which I don't wear so much, but this lot are pretty well designed and are mostly in black so it does make them quite wearable - my top pick for these would have to be the Turtleneck Velvet Dress with it's long sleeves and high neck and the shimmery polka-dot style, I think it does suit my doll pretty well and I can see it looking great in some winter party outfits. The Velvet Dress With Ruffled Shoulder and Strapless Mini Dress are very similar however do have some quite extravagant shoulder additions to them, which makes them a little less easy to wear, but that's just for me - it will no doubt be the complete opposite for some of you! Then there's the slightly midi dress, the Lace Slip Dress which is a little lingerie-esque but I do think it's sold as a dress rather than lingerie^ I love the style with the loose fit and the hem height and the detailing in the lace, it's just so pretty! It is a little sheer up top, but there's plenty of work-arounds for that that I can think of, so I don't think this will be an issue so much. And lastly there's also one maxi dress, which is pretty stand out in the collection, the Pleated Gown With Shoulder Detail. It is a nice piece, I absolutely love the texture on the dress, and also the fit, I think it looks good on the doll, I just don't like the oversized shoulder detail so much, and I also know that I don't dress my doll in gowns like this so it wouldn't be worth the money for me.
     Bottoms There are 4 bottom-half pieces on offer, and this time I quite like the good range of skirts as I've become much more of a skirt person these last few months. I immediately went for the Crystals Skirt, what's not to love - sparkly, bodycon fit, and midi length, it's pretty awesome! I think a lot of people have felt the same about this one and I know we'll be seeing it a lot for quite some time^ Then there are two shorter options, the black and minimally sparkly Asymmetrical Mini Skirt With Ruffles and the brown leather Skirt With Ruffles. I'm not sure which I prefer, I'm more of a minimal person, but I quite like the idea of the brown leather ... or maybe I don't want either of them! I've not seen many stylings of either, but one of the features below is really selling me on the Skirt With Ruffles! And lastly a pair of jeans, the High Waist Skinny Jeans which have a good fit and a nice wash, so a decent pair of jeans, but maybe also an expensive one! I don't find myself wearing jeans much on Stardoll, so for me they're not worth it when I have other similar pairs, but I'm sure they're perfect for some of you!
     Tops A reasonable number of tops are featured in this store - but you've either gotta love lace or love those sparkles =) In lace there are two options, the Lace Body With Oversized Sleeves which actually isn't a body, it's just a top, but it is pretty much sheer all over, so there's that to consider, but it is a pretty piece and the design is a very nice one. Then there's the Floral Lace Bodysuit (it is a body this time^) which I don't like so much because it's not sheer - I don't like the white/grey panel under the delicate lace design, I don't think it looks good at all. And in the sparkly pieces you do get a range of shirt styles, there's a proper shirt style with the Crystals Blouse which is in a navy blue style and I like the style of this one, I think it looks good on and I'm excited to see it getting styled! Also kinda navy, but a little bit green is the One Shoulder Crystal Blouse, I think it's a cute piece and it looks fine on the doll, but I'm not sure the style is for me, out of these two, the first is definitely my preferred piece. And last but not least the Crystals Top which is silvery, long sleeved and cropped, and after a few looks at it, is also pretty structured in the shoulder, which I think is what's making me hesitant about it - it does look fabulous with the matching Crystals Skirt but I'd need to have a good think about what else I could style it with before committing to it.
     Outerwear And the last section, the outerwear, which alike the other recent releases is pretty small. Three pieces, all completely different in terms of style and design which is great and I think these all go down pretty well actually! My favourite, and many others too I think, is the Oversized Coat - a lot of us love a good oversized coat and with this not being limited or too pricey it's worthwhile picking it up! The colour is actually a little off black, I do see some navy in it, but I don't mind this for the awesome style - it's an easy one to put in an outfit and I think it will be popular and wearable for a long time yet =) Then there's the Plunging Blazer With Crystals which I'm leaning towards not liking, and again I think it's the structuring of the shoulders, I just don't like how it looks on my doll =/ Lastly, a piece I'm on the fence about, so I need some opinions on it, the Camel Jacket Sleeves. I like the colour and style and the sheepskin collar, along with the fit, but I just don't know if it has a huge versatility factor - how many times would I realistically wear it?! I can see it being good through autumn and winter, but I don't wanna buy it only to get fed up with it 6 months down the line ... help me decide!!!
Prices The collection ranges from 17 to 43SD's, so not the cheapest of releases and I did find that after buying 5 pieces, the cost did add up quickly. None of the pieces are SS or Royalty only though, so that's a good point. You just have to be pretty sure on your purchases to make the most of your money here!
Styled Outfits I took a little time to make my decision on what to purchase and then again more time on how I wanted to style the pieces and actually I'm glad I did as I'm very pleased with the pieces I bought and these looks! First up the Lace Slip Dress and I placed pieces both underneath and on top to make up for the skimpiness and I think it still looks alright - you can still see the lacy details and the levels of hem. I really liked adding this bow choker, the style fits well with the dress, and I think the pointed mules are perfect. Sadly couldn't find the perfect bag to match - any ideas?! Next up the Heart Silhouette Clutch, which is just such a perfect style and colour match for this split maxi dress, don't you think?! I love it, and edged it up with the black leather jacket and black heels. Sure I could have gone more wild, but I think this is an effective way to show off this great bag =) And lastly the Oversized Coat which I wasn't sure about what to wear it with at first and I tried out a lot of things until settling on this blue combination, I think the culottes actually work pretty spot-on with the coat! I went silver for my accessories and love the chunky belt and heels to match the oversizing of the coat. This set is a winning one for me =D
Features And now for some features, I think I've found a really good set of them for this release =D This look is from dm2udm2u and includes the Lace Body With Oversized Sleeves, Choker With Red Flower and Heart Silhouette Clutch. I love the combination of the lace with this dress, it's such a good way to wear both pieces as the best of each get shown off, plus the Choker works rather well as a belt!
This look, or I should say, these looks, are from France25 and give a fresher vibe to the pieces, styling them in a more street manner. I love the Oversized Coat combined with the purple and the printing. The tones are nice for each other and it makes an easy combination to add hair and beauty to, particularly that lip colour =)
And now something brighter and perfect for transitioning to autumn styles, Isabella8103 styling the leather Skirt With Ruffles, which looks awfully good with this mustard sweater. The brown  and golden accessories are great additions and stand out nicely against the skirt - particularly those laced boots and that lip colour, a lot of good lip colours in these features so far!
Another styling with the Lace Body With Oversized Sleeves, this time from kikinha_25 styling it more minimally to show off all of it's features to their full extent. It works well with this midi skirt and I think the bow at the neckline is a sweet and eye catching addition. I like the hair up too as it really shows the piece itself =)
And the final, Marta-43 wearing the Camel Jacket Sleeves. I'm pretty impressed with this one, and love the jacket paired with the velveteen skirt, I think it's a great texture combination. The white makes a good base, but I think other tones would also work. Particularly love the shoulder bag, I think it's a perfect piece for the jacket in both colour and style^

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