Saturday, 22 July 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Floral Kimono Dress

Here's some more HB clothing! I was excited to get to this piece as I think it looks pretty promising - it's the Floral Kimono Dress from It Girls and it costs the heart-stopping price of 37SD's!!! Which is just truly excessive for a HB - is it bad that I want to recommend that you don't buy it?! It's not an affordable piece, which really is a shame as I think HBs should be pieces that are hot picks that everyone should have the opportunity to own. And it really is a hot pick this one, love the turquoise colouring and the pink details, the shape is pretty cool and I like the little side split that's going on^
This dress came across much more as a silk bedroom robe than I would have liked, I think it really had potential, but it seems a little too nightwear to really get the use out of it that I would like. I think we all put it on and were like "... What do I do with this?! ... " but it does provide a good styling challenge which is often good fun =) And vote in the poll for your favourite, too:

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