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L I M I T E D E D I T I O N | Release Review

Hooray, brand new LE was dropped into our Plaza last Friday and it was all a bit of a frenzy (as usual!) We had a little advanced warning about the release, so I think everyone was pretty prepared for it to become available and grab whatever they could! The homepage ad is certainly bold, I really like the red, although I don't think it gives too much away about the collection itself, it just implies something quite amazing =)
Highlights So I don't really see the theme from the advert following through in the collection, but I do really like what I am seeing from the collection - lots of designer pieces but in a great range of styles with some cool quirky additions. I saw some people complaining about it, you always get that, but judging from the speed that pieces were selling out, I'd say it was an overall success and I'm happy with this collection.
Accessories There wasn't so much a focus on accessories with this release, just a few key pieces but not really any wow-factor items - which is fine, the clothing does all the talking! First up is the hair, the LE Hair 2017 which is quite fashion-forward with a sleek parting and then a whole lot of back-combing^ There are 4 pairs of shoes available, with 3 being boots and the final pair being the Wood Heel Platforms which are very current and good for summer. The boots have a high fashion focus, with bold choices being made like the Mirrored Thigh High Boots and the open-toed Thigh High Gold Heel Boots and then the rather very awesome Sequin Sock Heels which are just amazing! At first I was unsure of these, then I was like 'just buy them and try them!' so I did and I'm very glad about that as I've seen some stunning looks with them and have seen quite a versatility in them that I didn't expect. There are just three bags with this release, the most minimal being the LE Hobo Studded Handbag, which reminds me of the older collections of velvet and golden accents, then there's the feminine pretty pastel pink LE Bow It Handbag and lastly the quirky piece, the LE Floral Blue Handbag which is maybe just a little flat for my tastes, but I like the thinking behind it and I'd wear the printing if the shape was a little different. Then there are just a couple of other pieces in this category, namely the LE Gold Charm Earring (although I don't like the one-earring trend, this one works well as a 'one'!) and the Red Stone Serpentine Earring - both of which are pretty nice pieces for the collection.
Clothing So many clothes to discuss, so many designers with pieces included in this release, which really is great! With so much to focus on I thought I'd split the pieces up a little so I don't forget anything I want to mention.
There are 3 sets in the co-ordinating category and they're all different from each other which I like for options. The pieces all look good together in their own sets but have great versatility to be individual items as well. The first set that I spotted was the Dolce Gabbana Inspired Silk Blouse and Pants which have a beautiful flow and texture along with a fantastic floral summer print - and I do think the print will look nice in other seasons too. And then something also on the paler side of things with the Zuhair Murad Inspired Denim Jacket and White Pants which have a sparkly silver design on them, and although they're not my style I like the way the patterning looks on the pieces. And lastly something super bright, the Elie Saab Inspired Palazzo Pants and Lace Beaded Orange Bomber, that orange really just makes these pieces unavoidable. We have had a lot of orange trousers like these, but I'm still not tired of the trend.
     Dresses and Skirts
So many dresses and skirt in this release, they certainly are a key trend for the season. There are 9 dresses in all, in a range of colours and styles going from brights to neutrals and long to short. Strangely I adore the shortest dress of this collection the ruby red Rattan Ruffled Dress, the cutouts are fab and I think the shoulder design is a flattering feature - plus red is a great colour this summer so despite the price I knew I needed it! Then there are some midi dresses, with three pieces really standing out to me, the Dolce Gabbana Inspired Hydrenga Dress, Dolce Gabbana Inspired Sequin Dress and Layered Wool Dress which really cover the casual to elegant styles. The colours and prints on these are vibrant and different, I like that there's a lot in this collection that we haven't had before, like this floral print, super special and also a very pretty and lasting trend. And the maxi's too, the Cuffed Lilac Dress and Valentino Inspired Pleated Gown are elegant pieces, although I'm yet to see them styled^ And the skirts, of which again there is a range of styles and lengths, like the shorter more street style DSquared Inspired Denim Mini Skirt and Elie Saab Inspired Leather Mini Skirt, which I wasn't sure about at first but now they're sold out I quite like them - typical! But also the midi pieces which, while they don't suit me, I think will make some awesome outfits, the Pink Petal Skirt and One Side Frill Skirt.
     Tops and Outerwear
And what's left, the tops and outerwear - although outerwear really is just one piece, the Gucci Inspired Sherling Embroidered Jacket which although is a menswear piece is hugely popular on female dolls too. The tops were super impressive, it's a shame the Cold Shoulder Big Cuff Blouse and Criss Cross Silk Blouse sold out so quickly but I can see why as they are classic white and in classic styles. The Givenchy Inspired Stars Body stands out as a uniquely styled piece amongst a lot less edgy items in the collection. And lastly a piece which I think has been a little forgotten and that I bought on the app as I thought it looked cute without having tried it on at all, the Fendi Inspired Striped Blouse. Love the light colours and the use of prints and textures, and also those sleeves! Just the sweetest^
Prices The collection ranges from 20 to 160SD's and is available for SS and Royalty only, as usual with the LE releases. I think the prices are about right, with only a few key dresses being at the upper end of the range. And I also think the prices are fitting right with previous releases as well.
Features There are just so many amazing features to show you now! Like seriously, everyone is wearing their purchases so well and all with unique style, I just love it - these are in no particular order, well alphabetical actually^ First up is ccaauu1414 wearing the Soft Leather News Boy Hat and Givenchy Inspired Stars Body in this very cool and Givenchy-feeling look! I like the contrast of the white trousers against the dark body, but the sheer parts of the body definitely help with a light look. I love the dark makeup too, it's perfection for these LE pieces =D
And next up is ChanelOberlin.. wearing the Gucci Inspired Sherling Embroidered Jacket in this quite Italian styling - I love the light skinnies and black boots effect with the jacket. The accessories go all out and are well matched here, with a lilac neck scarf and this rather cool fuzzy pink clutch paired with rose-tinted glasses, I think these work out well with the embroidery on the jacket =D 
And FunOpler has gone all out, styling not only the Cold Shoulder Big Cuff Blouse but also the LE Hair 2017 which I really thought would be more popular - I think it looks amazing on this doll though^ The shirt is styled beautifully in this all-white look paired with this faux-wrap dress and I think its just wonderful for the shirt, really showing its versatility and style options!
And a little more minimal, and slightly everyday next in this styling from golda89 with the Criss Cross Silk Blouse and also more subtly the Sequin Sock Heels which just blend in well with this look, who knew this ripped hem mom jeans would combine these pieces?! I really like the Dior bag and Fendi charm, they definitely add to the styling =)
And also wearing the Criss Cross Silk Blouse is marina495 in this contrasting super dressed up outfit, it's just so pretty! The blouse has slipped into her style well and the design fits really nicely with that of this skirt, the colours are perfect for each other and the bows emphasise the cross design of the blouse. The accessories are minimal and awesome but also fitting with the look to not pull any attention from the outfit, plus beautiful makeup^
And a little garden brightness with this next feature, from Marta-43! This styling of the Dolce Gabbana Inspired Hydrenga Dress is great, I love the very classic and almost office-wear-appropriate-ness that the crisp white shirt beneath it brings to the look! And that purple bag is just made for this dress, such a great pairing. And those earrings, also a perfect inclusion =)
Super shiny next with MeLolitka's styling with the Mirrored Thigh High Boots looking very sleek and quite futuristic^ I love this purple long open cardi with the boots, the colour compliments the silver really well and adds brightness against the plain white shirt dress. Love the rest of the silver accessories, those mirrored glasses make a great pairing!
And now some very bright looks coming up to dazzle you! This one is from Mery.- wearing the Elie Saab Inspired Palazzo Pants going for minimal with the rest of the styling and making orange the key colour. I love the stripes and ruffles of the shirt contrasting with the vertical pleats of the trousers ending with their own ruffle. Really like the use of the oversizing of the blazer and the Gucci bag, totally on form^
And also wearing the Elie Saab Inspired Palazzo Pants is millaxx also combining them with the Lace Beaded Orange Bomber in this stand-out style! I'm an orange fan, so my eye immediately goes to this and I really love it! The clutch is a perfect addition, and I like the more minimal use of golds in the earrings and the sunglasses. It may not be much, or layered on, but it's a great way to wear the new pieces =)
And all in another colour, this time pink and from miver, wearing the Pink Petal Skirt and Sequin Sock Heels, this blazer is just a perfect piece for this skirt, I'm kinda jealous I don't own it^ Love the use of mint and perspex to match with the shoes, I think they stand out really positively in this styling and look great. Plus the makeup is fitting as well =)
And pretty florals next from o397 wearing the Dolce Gabbana Inspired Silk Blouse and LE Gold Charm Earring with the sweet freebie LE Fan. I love the loose fit to the whole look with the frilled hem skirt, I love the effect it has, and the pale colour works smoothly with the shirt and lets the pretty print have the focus. Also adore the use of these slider shoes, they're a great choice, thumbs up^
And last but not least pandaribbon, the popular super-styler^ There's so many pieces from this release featured in these stylings, I particularly like the second look with the grey loose Layered Wool Dress, it looks great with the striped top beneath and the matching accessories, love yellow with the bluey-grey hue of the piece^ And also the fourth look pairing the Dolce Gabbana Inspired Sequin Dress with some jewelled jeans - the casual style looks great for a versatile look for these sequins, and the pink looks great against the blue =) 

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