Sunday, 2 July 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | 60s Inspired Cat Eye Sunglasses

And here's our first HB of July! These are the 60s Inspired Cat Eye Sunglasses from RIO costing 8SD's, now that's what I call a well priced HB^ I think this is a pretty good start to this months Hotbuys, these didn't really stand out to me in the advert, but once I put them on I found I really liked their minimal-ness and inconspicuous-ness a lot. They're really versatile and so far I haven't seen anyone that these don't work on, they're a pretty safe purchase =D
Super easy to find pieces to style with it, and we've all gone on pretty different directions for the piece with both bright and dark colours and light and dark looks =) Plus we welcome our July Guest Writer with this post as well, Alice_Angel10 - please greet her well! And also vote in our poll:

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