Friday, 14 July 2017

F A S H I O N F U R N I T U R E | Release Review

Our latest Decor drop into the Plaza was Fashion Furniture, which amazingly I've never reviewed before! The advert is bright and really shows off most of the pieces in the store. But the colours are sure attractive and will draw in a lot of attention =D
Highlights So just the one floor but it's pretty full on with attracting you through fabulous prints and bright colours - that yellow-golden tone that's going on is doing a pretty great job! The interior is rather attractive and it looks a great setting for the pieces included. I think for me it's a tricky one to style but I really think it could be a cool home for many^
Furniture In terms of large pieces in the store, what you can't ignore is the Mustard Grande Sofa, and it sure is grand! The large size makes it a focal point piece for a room and I think the colour is actually one that will work well with a range of interior styles - I haven't bought it yet as I want a plan for it, but it's on my list for sure^ Also in seating is the sweet little Art Deco Vintage Chair in a fantastic ocean blue tone. The design is great, but definitely quite specific so it might not be to everyone's taste - I can't see where I would put it in my own suite, but I definitely wanna see it in someone else's^ The Vintage Cabinet was a little hidden to me at first, because it really didn't stand out against the other pieces. I like the style but until I see someone else giving it a go, I think it's a bit of a 'miss' piece for me. And lastly the Neon Pink Acrylic Sofat Table - which is all kinds of quirky and cool! Love the colour and the perspex design, but again, not really sure how to style it - I don't do tables well, I can do seating, but I'm yet to master coffee tables!
Decor And there is a lot more smaller decor pieces than large furniture items in this release - they grab my attention and pull my eyes in all directions with this store =) There's lots of colours and prints to choose from and a good variety of styles, I think it's easy to get something you like from the choices. The first thing I loved was the DVF Inspired Lips Art, just very minimally stylish with a great muted shade of colour. Plus love the black frame^ I love prints and have a lot of pictures around my suite, so the only disappointing thing is the set-up of this one to be on a slanted or side-wall, if you get what I mean - it makes it a little tricky to fit into your regular suite rooms, but I think there's some room for creativity with this one =) Also in prints is the Leo Print Poster which is pretty cool, and I think I might get it, just need to find the right decor to match it as the colours are bright and an unusual pairing. In the same leopard printing are the cushions on offer - both the Green Leo Print Cushion and the Diane Inspired Classic Pillows. I like both of these items although I'm really feeling the need to have the sofa to go with them! I would have like more individual cushions I think, the leopard print is popular and I think it would have sold well in a couple of different colour choices. Also printed is the Art Deco Styled Ceramic Set which is a sweet set of vases in summer tones with golden accents, what's not to love?! They're a small size so pretty easy to style into a suite room that's mostly complete. A piece I also love is the DVF Inspired Wrap Dress - I don't normally go for suite-decor clothing, but this dress is in such a pretty colour and design that I kinda couldn't pass it up, and a bonus, purchasing this piece also earns you the dress for your doll! It's such a pretty piece and I'm excited to style it soon =D Lastly the flowers, you can't have a summer release without some fresh flowers - there's the Adler Inspired Sunflower Vase and the Adler Inspired Tulip Vase. Both minimal pieces with the emphasis on the flowers themselves. I really like these and think they will be popular as an easy piece to style from the collection.
Prices This release ranges from 7 to 30SD's with most items quite comfortably in the middle, and just a couple of pieces for SS only. I found the prices to be similar to other decor releases and I was happy to pay for the items that I wanted for my suite.
Styled Suite I've been quite slow in making my purchases and have so far just bought small pieces. I kinda wanted to make sure that each piece looked right before adding more. I found a good and slightly incomplete suite room to work with and these decor items fitted in quite nicely - come check it out^
Feature And just one quick feature today, a room in Miver's suite making use of the Mustard Grande Sofa and Neon Pink Acrylic Sofat Table. I love the pieces together with this minimal design, especially the style of the white panels on the wall behind and also that pink armchair at the side - a perfect fit in colour and design! The minimal style looks great and works well to let the pieces shine =)

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