Thursday, 20 July 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Carry All Straw Bag

It's been a few days now but here is our latest Hotbuy - the Carry All Straw Bag =) It's from RIO and costs 26SD's - back to the pricing complaints! It is expensive for a bag, but I'm not sure we should expect reasonably priced HBs anymore ... although it is a HUGE bag, the size is definitely something and a lot of people will find it to be either a hit or miss for stylings! I quite like it, it's unlike anything we've had in the Plaza and I think it's been designed pretty well.
I really enjoyed styling this piece, even though it has a large size, I found it easy to dress pieces around it and the size wasn't an inconvenience at all, which is great and shows hopefully a good future for this piece - I'm quite happy to have it now, whereas before it was released I was maybe a little unsure! And be sure to vote in the poll:

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