Thursday, 6 July 2017

We Wear Hotbuys J U L Y | Faux Crocco Clogs

A surprise HB release today of these Faux Crocco Clogs from It Girls costing 22SD's. Again, pricey for a pair of shoes, but this is one pretty fabulous pair of shoes^ I love the brown leather 'crocodile' textured material, I think it looks pretty cool and will be easy to dress into outfits or stand out in an outfit - even if I do think they are the perfect autumn shoe and not summer! The heel is pretty high, which I'd say are the only negative about these shoes. I think it could have been a little smaller and the shoes would still be great =)
Dark theme is clearly winning in these looks - I really did try and get a more summery styling, but these shoes were just calling to the burgundy^ I'll definitely get these back out come September and October for autumn-styled outfits! And remember to vote in the poll too:

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