Tuesday, 11 July 2017

B A S I C S | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

Brand new BASICS in the Plaza recently, and I have to say I was a little disappointed with the release. It was a little smaller than usual with a more limited colour selection. I found the styles didn't seem hugely current and trendy and clothing-wise I didn't see anything of interest sadly. The accessories however were a little better with some fabulous platform mules in a small selection of colours - the Faux Suede Platforms Black definitely pique my interest as being a good staple shoe to include in my wardrobe and these are certainly on trend! First up is an amazing feature from Marta-43 wearing these Faux Suede Platforms Black. Love the combination of the dark shoe and striped jacket with the light white mesh and perspex materials, and the accessories are very fitting to the clothes and colour. Plus I think the hair is an awesome choice for this outfit style =D
And then a second feature, Lara1209 wearing the Classic Crossover Skirt Red and Grey and I think they do look pretty good in this styling and they pair very nicely together. I like the use of the casual sweater, it suits the skirt style and also looks pretty nice contrasted against smart heels - even though these skirts aren't for me, I still love this styling for them =D
I only ended up purchasing the Faux Suede Platforms Black however I might go back and get myself another colour of these^ But I've had some good fun making these styles with them - they were easy to style into my own ideas and they're a bargain not to be passed up! The first thing I thought of when I popped these shoes on was prints - they're just begging to be paired with something printed^ If I was any good at StarDesign I'd totally design some sort of floral printed addition to wear on these (someone please do, but I want first dibs!). Anyway, I went with my prints, both trousers and a dress and these shoes work equally well with each clothing piece. In the first look I went for the mis-matching blue and black but I like the end result, I think it helps that there is some black on these blue trousers too. The length of the trousers works out great for the shoes too, just the right amount of ankle^ And secondly I pulled this old PPQ piece from my dresses section and just adore how well it works with these shoes! The style is also pretty great on its own right now too, so I didn't feel the need to add too much but a belt and bag - seriously a lot of love for this combination =D

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