Saturday, 1 July 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #161

Good morning, happy July! We are officially halfway through 2017, isn't that crazy?!?! And I really can see the end of this challenge a little clearer now - there seems to be a manageable number of bags left^ This next bag is the Mistletoe Clutch from the Hot Hot Buys 2014 Christmas calendar, I really didn't realise I've had it that long and never really styled it. It's pretty snazzy with all it's silver and gem-like qualities, but it's always a piece that I'm like 'I'll get back to that' and I knew it would look fab with this new LE dress as soon as I'd seen it, so it was perfect timing to style it for this challenge! I love the green with the silver, they work well together, and I jazzed up the dress a little by adding a cool jewelled trim to the top, I really like that. The shape of the dress is super classy, so I love the classy feel that it adds to the bag =D

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