Friday, 14 July 2017

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Definitely been a little while since this release, but I wasn't sure whether to document it or not, but in the end some quick stylings have come out of it! The Mr. store is aimed at the guys (duh^) so not much for the majority of the site having female dolls - however we sure do make things work for us when we want to! The Double Breasted Blush Blazer stood out as an easily wearable piece that's on trend and pretty cool in terms of design and style. It's a little pricey at 22SD's, but I still quite like it nonetheless. First up a feature from France25 wearing the Double Breasted Blush Blazer in this edgy yet somehow still feminine style. The pastel pink is a natural with the white, and I really like it with these ripped hem jeans and also the longer shirt sleeves. The pink faux fur stole is amazing and the colour works nicely with the blazer. The darker accessories add that edgy feel, along with the chain belt and also the deep blue eyeshadow - I kinda love it^
And then my styling of the Double Breasted Blush Blazer! I also went, naturally, with white, but I chose to go for a split-skirt look and also a polo - I really like covering that little bit of neck with a polo - something colourful would look cool too. The white heels fit with the look, but something in pink would work too. I liked adding to the little top-pocket and I went with these rose-sunglasses which both stand out and match with the blazer colouring. And I did some makeup =D Went with a darker cat-eye and a whole host of pink shadows, and I really love it!

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