Friday, 9 November 2018

# E A R R I N G F E A T U R E S T Y L E S

Over the past several months you'll have seen that I've gotten much more on board with StarDesign hair, trying out a whole host of different styles on my doll - and that has included earrings too! There are so many amazing jewellery pieces made in the StarDesign Hair Studio, the creativity is incredible with some of the detail that these pieces can hold. I've bought quite a few pairs, but today wanted to highlight two pairs from two different designers that I've bought some different styles from =D
First up this pair of chunky golden hoops from aeyafternoon - I've worn a colourful pair from this designer before and these are just as fun to style! The chunky style really means they do stand out even when they're sized down or viewed on the doll from afar, which is great. And the slightly darker tone to the gold means they still work well with blonde hair, which is something I've struggled with in the past with paler gold pairs! I styled up with some matching gold shoes and a skirt, then a darker snake print in the shirt - I think it really works out and the earrings share the focus of the styling well =D
This second pair is from tolady, who has a huge range of golden pairs of earrings to choose from - I've bought most of my hooped styles from this doll but also this funky geometric pair, I loved the triangular and circular shapes together and I think the design works particularly well with this shorter hairstyle too as they really stand out with the length. I've kept the outfit pretty minimal with just leopard print for the look but I've tried a little retro something in the makeup with lots of lashes and a darker line around the lid - such a cute pair of earrings^

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